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The Origin Millennium is a fine showcase of what Origin can do, and delivers one of the best gaming PCs money can buy packed into a sleek, physically imposing if technically mid-sized chassis. That entry fee gets you a core, 2. But there are customization options aplenty, from selecting the perfect GIF for the digital display that sits on the CPU cooler, down to choosing the colors that will cycle up and down the spines of the Corsair Dominator RAM.

At The Corsair X case is cavernous, though the bulk of the unoccupied space is dedicated to the pulling and pushing air past the fans, including the vertically mounted mm radiator. This is great for keeping temperatures in check especially for overclocking , or if you think you might need room for an open-cooling loop down the line.

You can always add a bit more RAM, though. Port selection is a bit more generous. The usual culprits — Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultra, In Total War: Warhammer 3, pitched battles could see the frames dip down as low as 92 frames per second. In Cyberpunk , they plummeted to a pearl-clutching 87 frames per second. Date of experience: August 28, Excellently built, arrived in complete working order, and runs like a dream.

I’m not fussed over it taking longer, that’s just part and parcel of this global pandemic stuff, and it’s the same with every single PC builder. I would recommend their computers to anyone who wants the best of the best. Date of experience: May 31, Upon set up, the computer shuts itself down after 2 minutes with error code: CPU is overheating. This computer has liquid cooling. I tried calling their customer service department and technical service department and just put on hold for hours.

I have received no return emails or returned calls. Stay away from this company. Their customer support is terrible and nonexistent. The local repair “geek squad” looking at my product questioned whether the people who built this computer knew what they were doing. Consider yourself warned. Date of experience: September 12, Dont waste your time They will build you a PC to your liking and ship it to you, sure, but when it comes down to needing help they’ll leave you in the dark.

You’ll spend near 40 minutes on hold waiting for a lazy customer service “technician” who would rather defer you to call back another time rather than help you. Their so called “prestigious customer support” is a hoax. They claim to provide services for those not super knowledgeable of PC issues but leave you going to Reddit for solutions instead. Ive had an ongoing issue with a near dollar computer I ordered, but this piece of garbage customer support service has had me playing phone tag and calling back every other day to no avail.

Date of experience: November 02, Computer comes with a proprietary origin bios! Cannot update the bios from the manufacturers website. Got the corsair x case. They glued the rgb controller onto the shroud that covers the side case fans, now cannot install extra fans on the side like I told them do in the first place.

Does not ship you the extra fans that came with the case and the liquid cooling radiator but instead keeps them. Will lie to you about the status of your computer, but instead tells you everything is fine, and will ship on the estimated ship date.

I did not receive any email updates like others have each week on the status of my computer. Disappointed in Illinois. Date of experience: March 20, Took 30 days to get me my computer that was supposed to ship out in 7 days.

Date of experience: April 10, Gaming PC has worked flawlessly for 1. Date of experience: March 21, One star because there’s no zero. Worst customer support I’ve experienced in years, if ever. I ordered a fully kitted out gaming PC for my retirement. Origin tried to blame shipping but after pulling one of the disks I could see it was installed incorrectly. It was mounted with the wrong screw and it caused a visible bend. I sent photos to Origin and they admitted it was their fault and “expedited” replacement parts in four days rather than the normal ten.

Neither disk worked. One was DOA and the other was the wrong part with a mount for a different motherboard. That’s two strikes already or more, depending on how you count. They decided to have me ship it to them for repairs. This was a bit of a concern because of how it came packed. Origin ships in heavy wooden crates assembled with dozens of screws and industrial staples. It’s a completely unnecessary gimmick and it makes repacking an intimidating task. My concerns were worsened by the packing “instructions” they sent.

I contacted them with my concerns and was ghosted for three days. No replies, no calls back, nothing. That was strike three, I was done with this company. I called and said that I want a refund and it’s up to them to deal with the packing. After talking to three different techs someone was finally willing to go on the record that I wouldn’t be held liable for shipping damage, once UPS picks it up it’s on them.

So I packed it up, replacing a couple broken bits as best I could. Apparently not one of those three techs wrote down that I wanted a refund, because I got an email after sending it back that they were repairing it and it would be shipped soon.

I emailed to say that it was a return, not a repair, and that’s when they went from incompetent to insulting.



Origin pc download review

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