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FakeApp has opened a whole world of possibilities and a deep debate about the ethical limits of artificial intelligence well, this debate already existed , of the network and its users.

But since we are not here to tell you what to do, but to tell you how the hell it works so that you can create your own fake videos , we are going to skip that part. This tutorial is written about FakeApp version 2. If you try to follow our steps with a different version of FakeApp or any of the other necessary programs, we want to make clear you probably will not be able to finish your video.

Pay close attention to the software we indicate and especially to its versions. If you already have an earlier or later version of any of these programs installed, we recommend that you uninstall it and install exactly the version indicated here.

In addition to a powerful PC as we have said, you need to install additional software on your computer. It is necessary to install both the base file and the patch launched last January 25th. There is a new patch but it is not necessary for version 2. The first thing is to download the software. Be careful because version 2. Once you have downloaded both packages, if you try to run the EXE, it will start, but it will show you a window warning you that you need to install the library in the right place before you can start.

About the library, which is the heaviest, just unzip it and take all its contents to the AppData FakeApp folder, the system folder that stores the data of installed programs. Once you are in front of the FakeApp interface, the process starts.

As you see, it has three different tabs that you can access by clicking on each of them at the top of the interface: Get Dataset , Train , and Create.

First of all, you must get the images of the faces you want to use, both the face of the original video if the original video has a high resolution, the result in the final video will be less credible as well as the new face you want to put on it. FakeApp offers two ways to do this: an internal system capable of extracting frames from videos and then trimming the faces detected in them, or through a folder with images.

Obviously, the second option is more tedious, as it is more difficult to download photos by hand than to take them automatically from a video. One important thing that we have not discussed: FakeApp, in theory, can extract more than one face from a video or a photo folder, but the reality is that it is a function that still does not seem very finished. At the moment, you get better results if you focus only on one face.

In the “Get Dataset” tab, indicate the path of the folder where you have the video. If they are images, be sure to move the knob at the top of the interface. You can also define the frames of the original video. Then, click on Extract to start the process. If everything is correct, you will see two lines of progress, the first one where the software takes care of extracting the frames, and a second line where it cuts the images to keep only the faces. It is very important that once it is finished, you check that all the images obtained are x pixels and are in PNG format.

If something goes wrong, an error window will appear warning you that you can find information about the problem in the logs created by the same software, but you should visit the configuration panel to get started. Here are several important things to comment on. If your video card is not powerful enough, you can try with the CPU, although it takes more time. The second important thing to comment on is the one we are dealing with now, the one to solve possible problems during this process: Reduce the Batch Size , Nodes , and Layers fields progressively until you get a configuration that manages to take and crop the images correctly the configuration you see in the screenshot below has worked for us.

Here, everything is based on the “trial and error” method. Of course, FakeApp is not on par with commercial software when it comes to stability. If you go around the folders where you had the original videos, you will see that FakeApp has created two new folders, one nested inside the other. The first is that of the extracted whole frames, and the second is that of those images cut out so that only the face is seen. Well, create somewhere on your hard drive a new folder, and inside it, two folders called “dataA” and “dataB”, and a third called “model”.

In “dataA”, you must copy and paste all the photos of the trimmed side of A, which in our case, is the main character of the original video.


Fakeapp download windows.FakeApp Tutorial: how to create fake videos on your PC

WebMar 28,  · FakeApp is a brand new software that allows you to replace a person’s face with another person’s. Its creator, DeepFake, based its software on an algorithm he calls . WebMay 30,  · FakeApp est une application d’édition vidéo complexe utilisant la puissance du machine learning et de l’intelligence artificielle. Le logiciel se sert des algorithmes de . AdDo face swap online. Deepswap – Top face swap website. Create your own videos. Swap any’ face in any video, photo, or GIF you want in just a second% off first order · Upload any video · Fun, Realistic & Safe · Free TrailTypes: Video, Photo, GIF. replace.me is part of FakeApp and developed by deepfakeapp according to the replace.me file information. In certain cases, malicious trackers and scripts can . WebMar 07,  · Un utilisateur de Reddit appelé deepfakes a réussi à développer une application appelé FakeApp qui permet parmi des techniques d’entraînement d’IA .


Fakeapp download windows.Screenshots of FakeApp


FakeApp is a program здесь lets you create masks capable of swapping faces on videos by means of the artificial intelligence developed by a Reddit user. Mobile face swap applications have already been around for quite a few years. Ссылка на страницу people consider them absolutely brilliant, whilst others think they are stupid: most of us are fed up of seeing photos of our friends and acquaintances with huge anime-style eyes or bunny ears.

However, technology continues to evolve, to such an extent that it can be quite scary. Just like Uncle Ben would смотрите подробнее, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

A Reddit user called deepfakes has managed to develop an application called FakeApp that allows us, by means of AI training techniques, to incorporate photos of faces to videos by means of an algorithm to create masks to replace the faces on the original video. The result can be quite outstanding and very realistic, and its developer confirms that he’s still working to improve the results and make the software easier to use. However, there’s a huge problem: although its technology could be used to swap the face of any person in any video so that any creative user could have fun for a while, without harming anyone else, the program developed by deepfakes has become popular because he’s promoting it as a software capable of creating extremely realistic fake porn videos with the faces of famous actresses.

He’s published rather denigrating and explicit videos of women of the likes of Daisy Ridley, Emma Watson or Jessica Alba.

Yes, there are still people with certain integrity in this digital world. Some users of the application have used http://replace.me/17368.txt AI to create other kinds of videos that can be considered funny and have even become memes.

Several users with plenty of free time have had fun adding the most famous actor on the Internet, Nicolas Cage, to dozens of movies playing all sorts of roles.

Everything can be humor within certain limits. This technology can also fakeapp download windows very useful for movie makers. A user has proven that this face swapping software could be used to add images of young Leia to the Star Wars Rogue One prequel in just a few minutes when the process used by the actual movie took weeks.

If you want to try out FakeApp only with good intentions, pleaseit can be downloaded totally free of charge and there’s a tutorial that explains how посетить страницу use this technology step by step until the process gets simplified. I grew up surrounded by gadgets and technology and fakeapp download windows who knows me assumes that it will always be one of my greatest interests.

Antony Peel. One of the latest hits in the world of the Internet and particularly software are deepfakes. You still do not know what I mean? A couple of months ago, a Reddit user, who is always an immeasurable source of procrastinating fakeapp download windows, was kind enough to share his latest creation with the community: FakeApp, a software that through the use of artificial intelligence, lets you change the faces of people in a video for others, fakeapp download windows a new video with them.

Soon after you consider this fakeapp download windows, you will think of faceswap mobile apps that let you exchange faces in real-time fakeapp download windows even fakeapp download windows, videos that have been circulating for some time on the net fakeapp download windows especially in these last weeks of famous people doing shameless things.

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