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Adobe Captivate 7 helps you rapidly author a wide range of interactive and HTML5-based e-Learning content with minimum programming. With Adobe Captivate 7, you can capture the on-screen action and also enhance your e-Learning projects by including animations, videos, Smart Shapes, buttons, and drag-and-drop interactions. This book is a perfect introduction to Adobe Captivate 7. It adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download help you get started with the tool quickly and efficiently.

This book demonstrates each and every feature of Adobe Captivate 7 giving you the expertise you need to create and deploy your own professional-quality e-Learning courses.

You will be able to publish your work in various formats virtually on any desktop and mobile device. This book will guide you through the creation of four e-Learning projects including a demonstration, an interactive simulation, a YouTube-like screencast, and a SCORM compliant quiz.

The first part of the book will drive you through the three main steps of the Captivate production process. In the first step, you will use the powerful capture engine of Captivate to generate the slides and screenshots required for the project.

In the second step, you will enhance your slides and screenshots using the objects provided by Captivate. These objects include animations, sophisticated interactions, videos, sound, and more. In the third step, you will make your projects available to the outside world by publishing them in various formats including Adobe Flash and HTML 5 so по этому сообщению you content can be played back on every desktop and привожу ссылку device.

The second part of the book will focus on the advanced tools of Captivate. In the last chapter, you will unleash the true power of Captivate by using the variables and the advanced actions to create a unique e-Learning experience. Since its introduction inCaptivate has always been the industry-leading solution for authoring eLearning content. In the beginning, it was a very simple screen-capture utility called FlashCam. Inanother company called Macromedia acquired eHelp, changed the http://replace.me/354.txt of the product once again, and Macromedia Captivate was born.

As the years passed, Adobe released Captivate 2, Captivate 3, and Captivate 4, adding tools, приведу ссылку, and features along the way.

One of the most significant events in the Captivate history took place in Julywhen Adobe released Captivate 5. For the release of Captivate 5, Adobe adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download rewrote the code of the entire application from the ground up. Captivate 5 was also equipped with a brand new user interface similar to adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download of other Adobe applications, not mentioning an impressive array of new and enhanced tools.

Version 6 was another milestone for Captivate as it was the first version adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download propose an HTML5 publishing mechanism. Prior to Captivate 6, the main publishing option was Adobe Flash.

As of today, the latest version of Captivate is Version 7. Captivate 7 comes with improved HTML5 adobe illustrator cc indir free download, an enhanced interactions library, good drag-and-drop interaction, the ability to record system audio, and tons of other not so small enhancements. With all this power sitting one click away, it is easy to overcharge your projects with lots of complicated audiovisual effects and sophisticated interactions that can ultimately drive the user away from the primary objective of every Captivate project: teaching.

While working with Captivate, one should never forget that Captivate is an eLearning authoring tool. At the most basic level, it simply means that you, the developer of adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download project, adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download your audience are united by a very special kind of relationship: a student-teacher relationship.

Therefore, from now on, and for the rest of the book, you, the reader of these pages, will not be called “the developer” or “the programmer,” but “the teacher. The Captivate perpetual license : This is the old-fashioned way of obtaining the software. You buy Captivate and get a serial number to activate your installation. Once activated, Captivate will be permanently available on your computer, even when you won’t need it. With this option, you get all the core functionalities of Captivate and you can start working on your eLearning projects right away!

This book works flawlessly with the Captivate perpetual license. You can download and use this version of Captivate free of charge for 30 days. It adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download be more than enough to go through the exercises of this book. Be aware though that once the trial expires, you will not have access to Captivate unless you convert your trial to a licensed нажмите чтобы перейти. This can be a perpetual or a subscription license.

The Captivate subscription : With this new licensing model, you subscribe to Captivate on a monthly basis. This means that you pay a certain 7zip download for pc of money each month to keep using Captivate. The main benefit of the subscription model is that you automatically get all the updates as they are released.

The subscription model is the best way to ensure that you always have the latest version of Captivate installed on your system. Subscribed customers по этому адресу have early access to great new features.

Note that the subscription is just another licensing model. With the exception of the subscription-only exclusive updates, the software is identical to the adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download licensing model. Although the Captivate subscription model is very similar to the way Adobe Creative Cloud works, Captivate is, at the time of this writing, not part of the Creative Cloud.

If you already have a Creative Cloud subscription, you’ll need another separate subscription for Captivate. It is designed to create technical content such as help files and user guides.

Producing content with Как сообщается здесь is a three-step process, or to be exact, a four-step process. But only three of the four steps take place in Captivate. That’s why I like to refer to the first step as “Step zero”! This is the only step of the process that does not involve working with the Captivate application. Depending on the project you are planning, it can last from a few minutes to a few months.

Step zero is probably the most important of the entire process as it is where you actually create the scenarios and the storyboards of your teaching project. This is where you develop the pedagogical approach that will drive the entire project.

What will you teach the students? In what order will you introduce the topics? How and when will you assess the students’ knowledge? These are some of the very important questions you should answer before opening Captivate for the first time. Step zero is where the teacher’s skills fully express themselves. Make sure you read this series of posts on the official Adobe Captivate Blog.

Dr Pooja Jaisingh shares her experience in creating scenario-based training. These posts clearly stress the importance of Step zero and give you the adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download high-level approach to the Captivate production process. When you know exactly where and how you will adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download your students, it is time to open Captivate.

During this first phase, you will use one of the most popular Captivate features: the ability to record any action you perform on-screen. You will simply use your mouse to perform actions on your computer. Behind the scenes, Captivate will be watching and recording any action you do using a sophisticated screen capture engine based on screenshots. This first step can be compared to shooting a movie. The goal is to acquire the needed images, actions, and sequences.

In the movie industry, the посмотреть еще material that comes out of the shooting is called rushes. It is not uncommon for a movie director to discard lots of rushes along the way so that only the very best sequences are part of the final release.

This phase is the most time-consuming phase of the process. This is where your project will slowly take shape. In this step, you will arrange the final sequence of actions, record narrations, add objects to the slides such as Text Captions and Buttonsarrange those objects in the Timeline, add title and ending slides, develop advanced interactions, and so on. At the end of this phase, the project should be ready for publication.

Sometimes, the Captivate project you will be working on will not be based on screenshots. In such a case, you will create the slides entirely in Captivate or import them from Microsoft PowerPoint. This is where you make your project available to the learners, and this is where Captivate really is awesome! Captivate lets you publish your project in the popular Adobe Flash format.

This is great since it makes the deployment of your eLearning courses very easy—only the Flash player is needed. The very same Flash player that is used to read free windows 10 games full version websites or YouTube videos is enough to read your published Captivate projects. Captivate can also publish the project as standalone applications. When Ultimaker 3 feeder problems free 6 was released, one adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download the most significant new features was the ability to ссылка на страницу projects in HTML5.

By publishing in HTML5 format, you make your eLearning content available to mobile devices that do not support the Flash technology. The door is open for the next revolution of our industry: Mobile Learning or mLearning.

In this book, we shall cover the three steps of the process requiring the use of Captivate. You will discover that Captivate has specific tools to handle each of the three steps. Actually, each step requires so many options, tools, and features that Captivate has a very large numbers of icons, panels, dialog boxes, and controls available.

Therefore, when developing Captivate, Adobe’s designers were confronted with a very significant issue—how to display all those tools, features, boxes, and controls on a single computer screen. Depending on the production step you are working on, you do not need adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download same set of tools at all times. If you already use other Adobe applications, you’ll be on known ground, as the Captivate user interface works the same way as the user interface of the most popular Adobe applications.

When you open the application for the first time, you’ll have a default set of tools available. Let’s check them out using the following steps:. The Captivate user interface is composed of panels laid out around the stage 1. The stage is the main area of the screen. It is where you will lay out the objects that make up each slide of the project. At the very top of the screen is the menu bar 2.

The menu bar gives you access to every single feature of Captivate. Right below the menu bar is the main options toolbar 3.


Adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download

Publish eLearning and HTML5-based mobile learning courses effortlessly to leading LMSs, including Adobe Captivate Prime. Break new ground with. Download Adobe Captivate and create beautiful, mobile-ready courses in minutes with Quick Start Projects, ready-to-go slides. Step 1: Download Fonts and use Them in Your Captivate Project C: → Program Files → Adobe → Adobe Captivate 9 → HTML → assets → css.


[Adobe captivate 9 publishing options free download


Adobe Captivate has the ability to publish online courses in multiple devices such as Desktops, iPads, and mobile devices. The important point here is, we can publish to multiple devices and apps with just one source file. In the Project Title field , enter the project name. In the Location option , click the folder icon and browse the desired folder where you want to publish the course. Below this, you have the Zip Files option; check this to create a Zip file in the drive specified by you, so that all the files of the course will be published as a zip file.

This option is useful when you want to create a single file for uploading to a Learning Management System. We also have the option Publish to Folder to create a folder with the title of the project.

This folder will have all the files needed to play the course. Captivate creates a new folder in the location specified by you. Under the Output Format, if you select the Full screen option, the published output will be in full screen. With the Seamless Tabbing option, you can deliver your eLearning course seamlessly to your learners who use only Internet Explorer. Slides will show the total number of slides in a project.

Slide with Audio shows the number of slides with audio in the project. Audio Settings allows you to edit the audio by clicking the Custom link. You can edit the audio quality before publishing. Display Score allows you to set the quiz score; related settings are also displayed. Check the options and select only those options which are important. If you select Mobile Gestures, the Mobile Palette window will appear on your screen. By selecting this, you can either play or pause the course or video on mobile devices.

Navigation allows us to move the slide to the right or left. Zoom allows learners to increase or decrease the screen size by pinching and enlarging the screen. If you click Accessibility , you can find various options in a preference window. You can set the frame rate, mouse, keyboard tabbing, and audios.

Check Enable reporting for this project, it will show a list of standard LMSs from which you can choose; here you can see various hosting platforms such as Moodle, Internal Server and many more. Then, click the Configure button to set the manifest file, here you need to provide information such as the Identifier, Title and Description. Next we have the Status Representation Option to set the status of your course. When the learner launches the course, its status is shown as Incomplete in the LMS.

After the course is completed by the learner, the status changes to Complete. If the learner leaves the course without completing it, the status will be shown as Incomplete. If the learner goes through all the slides and completes the final quiz, the status will be shown as Pass or Fail. For a quiz, you can set the completion criteria, as shown here. You can either select both or any one.

By publishing your courses to HTML5, you can maintain the content in a single source and deliver to a wider range of audience. Adobe Captivate provides the option to publish the course in a video format. Here, you can set video related properties. In the Profile dropdown, you will have the following options:. We have more video setting options here, use them if required.

After specifying the settings for the video, click Test Settings to verify whether the custom settings are valid. You can publish the video to YouTube; click the Publish to YouTube option and enter your login details. Adobe Captivate added a new option to publish the course in an Executable format.

Here, you can publish to Windows Executable. Where you can add image to your. These two options are not applicable for MAC Executable.

All the remaining options are the same. This is a new option included in Captivate 9 to publish to devices such as iOS, Android and Windows 8. We can publish with the help of PhoneGap Login. You can create a new app or update an existing app.

Provide the related Name, Version, and Package. Click Create Certificate if you have a certificate in your course and publish the course. Adobe Captivate allows us to publish the course to the Adobe Connect server.

Click folder, click the Add button and enter the name and URL to connect to the server. Adobe Captivate Prime is a Learning Management System environment where you need to create a new account and publish to Adobe Captivate Prime to check your course.

In this, an Admin can add learners, Author can create training module and can add courses, Team managers can manage their teams and provide feedback after completion of the training and track them and Learners can access courses assigned to them.

Clicking the Publish button will successfully upload the course in the Captivate Prime account. So this is all about the publishing features in Adobe Captivate 9. Please do share your feedback. By Sohail Mohammad. Resolution shows the course dimension. Select any of these options to track the eLearning course. We can now publish the course to various formats.

Publish to only SWF As you can see here, we have the. In the Profile dropdown, you will have the following options: Baseline : Select this option to play the video on mobile devices Main : Select this option to broadcast the video on digital TV High : Select this option to play the video on devices with high definition We have more video setting options here, use them if required.

The video output will be MP4 format. Enter the username and password and click the Login button. A popup window saying PhoneGap Login Successful will appear. Click Ok. App You can create a new app or update an existing app. Click the Next button to view iOS and Android related options. Click the Publish button to publish your file to PhoneGap. Fill the details based on the requirements and publish the course.

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Publish projects as HTML5 files with Adobe Captivate

Review this page for instructions and watch tutorials on how to publish projects as HTML5 files with Adobe Captivate. An Adobe Captivate project is published into a Word document showing all the slides as they would appear with the options you choose.

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