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What Is World Sleep Day About?

Sleep is an elemental everyday activity that strengthens our bodies and sharpens our minds. Despite that, it’s also one of the most ignored essentials we take for granted today. Far too easily, people—specifically, the working class— get drawn into the promise of hard work. While perseverance is a noble virtue in itself, sleep is a necessity that begs for time and respect. Here is why World Sleep Day came into being.

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To help counter the unhealthy persistence of not getting enough sleep, this day intends to aid those who have sleep troubles. It also seeks to raise a stronger awareness on the importance of sleep, and alter the way people perceive and encounter sleep by providing people meaningful resources to help them in their everyday lives.

How Did World Sleep Day Begin?

As the name implies, World Sleep Day centers on matters relating to everything sleep. Be it sleep medication or sleep education to the social impacts that sleep deprivation can leave on one’s daily life.

More than 50 to 70 million individuals experience a sleeping disorder. Over 20 million people encountering sleep apnea.

Organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society, this special calendar event began with a pool of health providers and experts. These are people who devoted their time to unearthing sleep research and sleep medicine. Whether healthcare providers or regular civilians, this holiday aims to unite people from all walks of life. The intention is to spark discussions on sleep issues and solutions.

World SleepDay is celebrated every March and is held on the Friday right before Spring. It was Doctors Liborio Parrino, and Italy and Antonio Culebras who founded the holiday. Consequently, the non-profit organization World Sleep Society. As established, this holiday hopes to tackle the burden of sleep problems many people carry.

How Should the Day Be Celebrated?

Perhaps one of the leading most enjoyable things to do in the world, the day is celebrated by doing the one thing people look forward to—sleep! If need be, sleep as long as you want and take the rest of the day off. The invigorating sensation of a well-deserved slumber is every adult’s quickest reward. If you’re extra exhausted from working, sleep is something you’re definitely going to have to invest in.

If you feel like you’re going through a sleep problem or anything at all regarding issues related to sleep, take the time to seek professional help. The management of sleep disorders should never be taken lightly. 

The Supporters

While the holiday is hosted by World Sleep Society, it does not recommend, support, or endorse particular services and products per se. On the other hand, the awareness campaign does accommodate corporate partnerships and sponsorships to help in ushering the success and the realization of the event. Interested parties and those who very much willing to help fund the cause can donate to the sleep fundraiser to raise even a better awareness about the several sleep problems on society.

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