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Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

We are at our most vulnerable and open while we sleep, because we cannot control our body while we’re asleep. Our sleeping position has a lot to say about our personality and our relationship.

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Corrine Sweet, a relationship psychologist, says that couple’s sleeping positions say something about their relationship. Do you cuddle? Where on the mattress do you sleep? Are you entwined with each other? Do your legs touch? Do you face each other? Yes, each of these has a certain significance, and points to certain aspects of your relationship.

Read on to know what your sleeping position tells about you and your partner.

Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Mean:

The Spoon

The Spoon is a classic sleeping position, and many couples sleep this way. Body language specialist Patti Wood calls this a vulnerable and sensual position that speaks of trust. This traditional position indicates the protectiveness of the spooning partner in the relationship. It also shows how comfortable the couple is with intimacy. It is a fairly sexual position and improves intimacy between couples. Couples in the earlier stages of their relationship are most found to be sleeping in this position. It gives maximum physicalproximity,and is also intimate.

The Loose Spoon

A variation to the classic Spoon, this is also indicative of progression from the initial years of a relationship to a comfortable one. This indicates that the couple is at a place where they trust each other. While they love their intimacy, they also allow each other room. So they give each other the space they need, get comfortable and are still connected by perhaps lightly touching a body part. 

The Chase

The Chase looks very similar to the Spoon, except that in this position, the couple is usually found at the edge of the bed. This means that one partner has moved away from the center, and the other one has ‘chased’ them to continue spooning. When this happens, the one moving away might be silently needing a little space and so made the move. Hence, this kind of spooning is also termed as ‘illegal spooning’. However, it could also mean that the one moving away wants to be pursued and is actually issuing an invitation for pursuit. 

The Back Kisser

You may be surprised to know that sleeping with their backs to each other is also a highly popular position among couples. Rather than indicating lesser intimacy, if the couple sleeps with their backs or behinds touching, this also shows high levels of comfort and intimacy, as well as confidence in each other. While the relationship is still new, but when they have reached a level of trust and assuredness, at the same time want to retain the thrill of intimate body contact is when most couples are found to adopt this position. 

The Unravelling Knot

Another popular position amongst couples who have been together for a while is the Unravelling Knot position. The couple starts off the night with arms and legs entwined with each other, and then progresses towards an unravelling. This is how they strike a balance between intimacy and giving each other the space they need. Moving apart gives the couple the independence to enjoy a good sleep and also implies trust in each other to do what they please. According to Dr. Sweet, it’s ‘a compromise between intimacy and independence’, and hints at a strong and healthy relationship.

The Space Hog

The Space Hog is one where one partner usually takes up most of the space, often lying in a spreadeagled pose, leaving the other partner very little space on the bed. This is one sure sign that all may not be well in paradise. It can mean that one taking up most space is selfish and inconsiderate towards their partner’s needs. If one sleeps closer to the headboard, it also indicates their dominance in the relationship. If either of both of these is the case, it is probably high time the couple had a heart-to-heart talk to discuss their relationship. Sooner the better.

The Nuzzle

A sure indication of the honeymoon phase of a relationship is when the couple sleeps in the sweet cuddly position called the Nuzzle. In this, one partner lies on their back with the other’s head resting on their chest. This shows independence and the protectiveness of the former, and their love and appreciation of their significant other, and their wish to cherish them. At the same time, it shows the ultimate trust and comfort level of the latter. Such open and firm show of love and affection and need for intimacy is most common among new couples, or those who have rekindled their relationship, and may be termed as the most telling position of all. 

The Tangle

Arms and legs intertwined with each other, holding on tight, may seem sweet. However, it is sweet only if it is just after lovemaking. When new couples sleep in a Tangle, it shows that they are besotted with each other. It also indicates an active sex life. But if a couple continues to sleep this way well into the relationship, it is not a great thing. It could mean that they are overly dependent on each other and cannot sleep apart. The need to hold on to the partner means the couple lacks independence. This could be the beginning of several problems, including a basic one of not getting a comfortable sleep.

Couple sleeping positions

The Face-Off With No Touch

When there isn’t enough communication and fondness between a couple, they tend to sleep facing each other, but without touching. It shows that they are not emotionally available to each other. It also indicates that they want to reach out to each other but are unable to do so. Consciously trying to get more intimate and having more open conversations may improve the situation and bring the couple on a better footing.

The Leg Hug

The most ambiguous of the sleeping positions is the Leg Hug. If only one person is doing the leg hug, it might mean that they are yearning for attention and intimacy. If both partners’ legs are entwined, it means they have a strong bond and great fondness for each other. Such couples also enjoy a deep friendship. Yet another take on this position is that they maintain such a nonchalant pose because of a hesitation to show intimacy after a misunderstanding, but are also to reach out and clear the air. 

The Liberty Lovers

What truly indicates the ultimate trust and comfort levels between couples, is the Liberty Lovers position. In this, they sleep back-to-back, but without touching. While this may be surprising to know, not facing each other does not mean lack of affection or care at all. Quite on the contrary, it shows the high levels of confidence and trust in each other, and themselves as a couple. It shows they are close enough to give each other all the space they need and that each other’s comfort and need for space is of equal importance to the partners. A whopping majority of couples sleep this way.

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