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Evolution of Mattress Types

We all know about below mattress types but what we might not know 

  1. Memory foam mattress: the buzz these days was invented in 1950s (even before most of us were born, or TVs turned smart or phone turned smart. ). Yes and memory foam mattress was invented to absorb shock for Nasa scientists and for not sleeping or comfort or pain relief
  2. Hard mattress like coir mattress are good for back as they keep spine in natural shape but really bad for comfort? why? As they can not provide cushioning to our body curvatures like hips, shoulders ( oh if we all were straight bodies then yes may be we all would love coir mattress)   

So isn’t it time to think – when everything in our life is becoming Smart why not our mattress as well? Is sleeping well more critical than watching TV? Is it more critical than smart home lighting system? Is it more critical than phone? 

If yes – we all need to think hard – what are we sleeping on? How do we ensure we make smarter choices even for our mattresses? 

What Is Smart Grid and Why Is It the World’s Most Smart Sleep Technology?

Mattress technology has not changed in India in the last many years. Hence The Sleep Company set itself on the mission to really step-change the quality of sleep for each one of us. And was born The Sleep Company – the outcome of years of research with each layer created with SLEEP SCIENCE as the foundation. It is No Memory Foam, No Spring or Latex – the only Mattress thatsmartly adapts to every human body type no matter what your weight is or sleeping position is.

Smart Grid is made from a hyper elastic polymer gel material which has properties of absorbing pressure and providing comfort to the different body part. The Grid has been designed to give a SOFT feeling on body curvatures like hips, shoulder while a FIRM feeling on back. This helps to reduce and avoids back pain and other body pains over time.

smart sleep technology

2X More Back Support & Comfort

The Smart Grid given the column [tooltips keyword=”structure” content=”
Wordress Tooltips is a rich featured wordpress tooltip plugin. “] intelligently adapts to your body shape. These walls buckle down on smaller body parts like hips, shoulders to CUDDLE them while the walls stay FIRM under bigger body parts like back to keep spine straight. This ensure more support vs. an orthopaedic mattresses while giving plush and cozy feeling.

Zero Partner Disturbance

The Smart Grid Layer isolates the motion so that even if your partner could dance the conga, while you’re fast asleep besides them.

Air Flow Technology

The open gird structure of the patented Smart Grid layer promotes air flow, it does not trap your body heat, and does not make you feel hot and stuffy at night.

Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic

The Smart Grid is made from food grade polymers and uses non-VOCs (unlike foam) and is completely safe and healthy for you and your family.

How Is Smart Grid Different From Memory Foam or Other Foam Mattresses?

Lets first see what are foams are memory foam made of: they are mainly made of polyurethane. Memory foam has some additional chemicals to increase its density and viscosity (the sinking feeling we all hear about or see). What are the big cons of memory foam mattress?

smart grid in mattress

Sleeps Hot

Memory foam given highly dense material (very little pores for air circulation) retains the body heat and hence starts feeling very hot over time.

Sags Over Time

Memory foam and most other foams even if stretched little bit will break and they sag over time / forms impressions under heavy body parts like hips and shoulders.

Whereas Smart Grid is not like any existing material – it has been developed from a food grade hyper elastic polymer which has pressure absorbing and weight distribution properties. It is the first mattress to have a grid structure – which helps ensure The Sleep Company mattress can take the shape of your body giving a FIRM feel under your back and SOFT feel under your hips/shoulders. Exactly how it cuddles those tiny delicate eggs even under so much pressure, similarly we ensure The Sleep Company mattress takes all the pressure and not your body. So no more tossing or turning!

Relieves Pain Point

 Intelligently designed Smart grid is soft at hips and shoulders while being FIRM at back.

Sleeps Cool

The Smart Grid with grid structure promotes air circulation and hence no sweating at night.

Promise Not to Break Away

The Smart Grid can be stretched to more than 1000% retaining its original shape. Hence no more sagging or sinking over time.

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