Pillow Top Mattress: Add Comfort to Your Mattress


If you hear the name ‘pillow top mattress’ and start wondering ‘is it a pillow over an ordinary mattress?’ you are partly right. Pillow top mattresses are normal beds with an extra layer of padding above it.

The firmness of the mattresses would have prompted someone to think of adding a soft layer above it to make his sleep more comfortable. And it sure did work.

What Is Used to Make a Pillow Top Mattress?

The mattress consists of two major parts; the core which provides the support and the outer layer which provides the padding.

Mostly two types of mattresses are used to form the core of the pillow top mattress. They are innerspring mattress or Air bed. Many inches of additional padding foam is sewn into the top of these mattresses. The foam can be made up of different materials like cotton, wool, memory foam, latex. In some mattresses, fiberfill is also used

In some cases, the pillow top layer that is used in air beds can be removed or replaced while on the innerspring mattress the layer is unremovable.

What Kinds of Pillow Top Mattresses Are Available?

Pillow top mattresses are available in almost all sizes in India. It is highly unlikely that you will return empty-handed from a store because you couldn’t find the size that you are looking for. You can easily get twin, full, queen and king sizes in most stores.

Are Pillow Tops Useful?

The usefulness of anything differs from person to person. A layering of the soft pad was added to the existing mattress to make it more comfortable. Hence, pillow top mattresses are for you if you are looking for a softer and more comfortable mattress than the conventional one.

How Much Does a Pillow Top Mattress Cost?

According to the material used for the foam and the mattress which acts as the core, pillow top mattresses are available in a wide price range. They are available from Rs 5000 onwards which is much lower compared to other types of mattresses available in India.

Where Can I Buy Pillow Top Mattresses in India?

Pillow top mattresses are available almost all furniture stores in India. They can also be brought through online shopping. It is best to make sure that you are content with the quality of the padding layer. So it is better to purchase pillow top mattresses from a nearby store than from an online one.

When Are They Best Used?

You can prefer a pillow top mattress if you want a softer version of an innerspring mattress. The padding will provide you with the necessary cushioning which will gives more comfortable sleep. At the same time, it gives the firmness of the innerspring mattress as its core is made up of spring mattress.

The top layer also retains heat, so it is suitable for those living in cool climatic conditions.

What Is the Life Span of the Pillow Top Mattress?

The major disadvantage of a pillow top mattress is that it is not very durable. The outer layer of the mattress slips off after some years or it will lose its cushioning effect.

The innerspring mattresses used as the core can sag and the support provided can thus be reduced.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Pillow Top Mattress?

There are many advantages for a pillow top mattress. You can opt for this type if you feel it is what you are looking for


Pillow top mattresses are much comfortable compared to conventional mattresses. They provide a softer surface for the sleeper. It also distributes the weight evenly and hence no additional pressure is applied on any particular part of the body.

The body contouring provided by the mattress ensures more responsiveness than conventional innerspring mattresses. Thus the pillow top mattresses undoubtedly give a very comfortable sleep.


The inner spring core gives the required firmness to the bed. Unlike memory foam mattress which completely engulfs the sleeper by sinking the person into it, the pillow top mattress gives the necessary support. This helps to keep the spine in a neutral position and thus prevents back pain.


The greatest complaint of anyone who tries to buy a mattress is that most of them are very costly. Many are confused about whether to spend so much amount on their beds.

The pillow top mattresses are much less costly compared to other mattresses like memory foam or hybrid. You can get almost the same comfort level of memory foam at a much lower price. So it is suitable for anyone who is looking for comfort without affecting their economic stability.

Health Benefits

Because of the soft surface provided by the padding on the mattress, the pressure point pains will not be felt when a person uses pillow top mattresses. This also helps to relieve the backache and joint pains.

The firmness of the innerspring mattress is also advantageous to those who require lumbar support.

Pillow top mattresses are very suitable for those who sleep on their side. The softness of the top layer will make sure that they do not cause pain on their hip and shoulders which gets most pressure while sleeping on one side.

Low Motion Transfer

Transference of motion is a huge problem in an innerspring mattress. When your partner moves in the bed, you get disturbed because of the bounciness of the bed. This affects your sleep and is enough for a sleepless night if you are a light sleeper. You would have no other option but to sleep on the couch.

When pillow top mattresses are used, the soft padding absorbs the energy and doesn’t transmit it. So even if your partner keeps tossing in the bed, you will not feel it much and thus can have a good night’s sleep.

What Are the Cons of Using a Pillow Top Mattress?

Despite the advantages stated above, the pillow top mattresses have some disadvantages too. You should consider them before opting for one.

It is not suitable for hot climates

The temperature regulation property of the pillow top mattress depends on the type of foam used as padding. But generally, the top layer retains body temperature and becomes hot. This is good for those who live in cold climates. But in the warm climate of India, it can give you a very sweaty and uncomfortable sleep.

Not Durable

The durability of pillow top mattresses is not something to boast about. In fact, it is not as durable as many other types of mattresses available in the market. The bed becomes uncomfortable in the long run as the cotton or wool filling inside the top layer gets displaced. If this happens for an air mattress, the top layer can be replaced. No such options are available in the innerspring type.

The sagging problem which affects the classic innerspring mattress is also a problem in the pillow top mattress. Though it takes a little more time because of the resistance from the top layer, it is an inevitable problem.

Bed Bugs and Dust mites

The spring core is the favorite hiding place for bed bugs and dust mites. It is very difficult to get them off once they find a place in the mattress.  

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