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Today, we can find anything and everything on the internet, even the perfect mattress. But, when it comes to online mattress shopping, you need to keep a few things in mind and navigate through all the technical terms to bring home the right mattress. Now, while it sounds overwhelming, online mattress shopping is easy if you can access a mattress buying guide. And, in this article, we will walk you through the whole process step-by-step to ensure that you choose the right bed online and also understand the pros and cons of ordering a mattress online.

Benefits of Online Mattress Shopping

Convenience & adaptability

You may find that going from store to store in search of a comfy mattress takes up a lot of your time if you have a hectic schedule. Purchasing a mattress online gives you the flexibility to shop at any time of day from the comfort of your own home or place of business. 

There are numerous websites that you can readily access to learn more about the various mattress firms that are available. Given the increasing value of time as a commodity by the day, online shopping has assisted in easing the strain of numerous jobs, such as mattress purchasing.

No one pressuring you

Having to deal with pushy salespeople in a retail establishment can be a frustrating experience. They make repeated attempts to sell you a product by directing you to it on a regular basis. Instead of entirely depending on the advice of a salesman when selecting a mattress, it is recommended that you do your research. If you want to avoid pushy salespeople and take your time deciding on which mattress to buy, buying a mattress online right now is the best option.

Find out more information

In a retail store, you are typically reliant on the salesperson for further information about different mattresses when you go in. When you shop online, however, this is not the case. By investigating different companies and what they have to offer, you can narrow down your options even further. It also gives you the opportunity to spend more time investigating the different models available on the market today, their reviews from genuine customers, and more.

Prices that are competitive are important

Mattresses have become substantially more affordable in recent years, thanks to online buying. Because there is no middleman involved, your mattress will be delivered directly to your door at a lesser rate than usual. By selling competitively priced products, mattress firms and e-commerce websites opt to share this information with their customers. You can also save money by waiting for a sale to come up on the internet.

A broader selection

Comparing e-commerce websites to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, they usually provide a bigger selection of products. You will have more alternatives as a result of this. Online, you can even locate mattresses that are specialized and customized for you.

Evaluation of a product

The ability to compare different products within the same category is available on many e-commerce websites, which can be extremely useful when making a purchase. A regular store would not allow for such a thing to be done. Customers may also choose a mattress more quickly when they do comparison shopping because all of the information is provided in a simple manner, which saves time.

Drawbacks of Online Mattress Shopping

You can't test it out first

The main disadvantage of purchasing a mattress online is that you cannot try it out first. You can read a ton of information and read hundreds of customer reviews about a mattress before purchasing it, but it will not adequately prepare you for the first time you lie down on it.

To overcome this barrier, almost all online mattress retailers offer a 100-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like your mattress, you can return it within 100 days — often without paying a dime, making them some of the best places to buy a mattress online. And, believe it or not, there are physical locations where you can test out some online mattress company models.

Not having someone in person to guide you through your decisions

Although you can connect with customer care online and can even answer a few questions about mattresses you’re interested in, you won’t get the benefits of being there in person with the mattress and the sales clerk. These advantages are only available if you are able to visit a showroom that sells online mattress models.

You might not be able to sleep on the mattress right away

When you purchase a new mattress online, it will be vacuum-sealed inside a larger box. To begin, slide it out, place it on top of the bed frame, and wait for it to puff back up. It may take a few minutes or a few hours for the bed to fully expand, so don’t expect to sleep on your mattress right away. Also, the mattress may have a slight odour upon arrival, which may dissipate in a few hours or may take a few days to dissipate. If the odour is strong, you should avoid sleeping on the mattress.

Unlicensed sellers

You run the risk of inadvertently purchasing a mattress from an unauthorized seller if you shop through certain third-party retailer websites. Warranty policies do not cover mattresses sold by unauthorized retailers, so you will not have the manufacturer’s support or protection. We recommend that customers purchase directly from the manufacturer via the company’s official website.

Increased break-in time

Mattresses purchased online are typically compressed and vacuum-sealed. While this reduces shipping costs, it may lengthen the break-in period. You must allow several hours for this type of mattress in a box to decompress, and it may not reach full loft for up to 48 hours. Because the bed has been compressed and sealed since its manufacture, some off-gassing odours may be detected as it decompresses.

How to Buy a Mattress Online Step by Step

1. Consider the Budget

A new mattress represents a substantial investment in your future sleep quality, but it also represents a significant financial outlay on your part. Therefore, when purchasing a mattress online, the best place to start is by examining your financial situation.

For a variety of reasons, establishing a budget in advance is essential. First and foremost, it prevents you from overextending yourself in order to obtain an item that is out of your price range. 

There is a common misconception that a greater price tag corresponds to better sleep; however, this is not necessarily the case. Decide on a price range that is reasonable for you and your financial situation.

2. Check out mattress websites to see what is available

If you haven’t bought a mattress in a long time, it’s a good idea to look online to see what possibilities are available before visiting a store.

Examine costs on the internet to determine what you believe is reasonable in light of what is being offered.

Mattress manufacturers are always introducing new models of mattresses, some of which have changeable firmness levels and temperatures, among other features. Take into consideration how high-tech you want your mattress to be, as some of the more advanced options may only be available at specialty stores or on the internet.

Look into any particular benefits that each mattress brand may be offering, such as a trial period or a money-back guarantee. You can print this information if you want to bring it with you to the store if necessary.

3. Choose Mattress Size

Despite the fact that this is impossible to determine without first testing mattresses, there are a few physical elements that can assist you in making your pick.

If you suffer from back pain, a medium-firm to firm mattress may be the best option for you. These are the most effective for supporting your lower back and alleviating back discomfort, according to research.

Because they won’t have enough weight to compress the top of the mattress and the springs to the point where it makes a difference in comfort, pillow-top mattresses are excellent for those who aren’t excessively light. Because of this, pillow-top mattresses are often more comfortable for people who are larger in stature.

Pay little attention to the number of springs that are cited as evidence of a mattress’ alleged quality, hardness, or softness. It has been demonstrated in studies that the quantity of springs in a mattress has little effect on how comfy it is.

4. Decide the mattress size

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering and purchasing the perfect mattress, only to discover that you cannot fit it into your home due to space constraints. 

Check the amount of space available in your bedroom before deciding on a mattress size that would work for you.

Twin mattresses are the smallest available size, measuring around 39″ X 75″.

Full or double mattresses are the next largest size available after twin mattresses, and they measure 54″ X 75 inches in length and width.

Because of its size and relative affordability, the queen-sized mattress is the most popular choice among couples. It has a 60″ X 80″ measurement.

The king-size bed is the largest conventional mattress size that is currently available. It measures 76″ X 80″.

There are several mattress brands and stores that sell an extra-large bed known as the California king, which measures 72″ X 80″ inches.

Make certain that the mattress size you wish to purchase will not only fit inside your bedroom but will also pass through all of the doorways that go into the space.

5. Inquire about the availability of a comfort guarantee

Depending on the company, a comfort guarantee is a period of time after you’ve purchased your mattress during which you can return or exchange it for a refund or credit.

Always do this before making a purchase and double-check your details after making a purchase to ensure you are receiving the correct information.

Find out how long the comfort guarantee is valid, as this might vary from one brand to the next depending on the model.

Find out if you will be required to pay for delivery to and from your home if the mattress does not meet your expectations. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected expenses later on.

6. Purchase any additional mattress accessories that are required

Despite the fact that purchasing only a mattress appears to be sufficient, you must acquire at least a box spring to provide support for the mattress.

It is always best to purchase a new box spring along with your new mattress because old box springs wear out over time and lose the support and firmness that you seek.

Purchase a waterproof mattress covering to use to preserve your new mattress from the elements. 

This not only makes cleanup easier in the event that something spills on it, but it also ensures that the warranty is not voided. Many warranties are null and void if the mattress has been discoloured or has had something poured on it.

7. Price negotiations should take place

Mattress pricing can frequently be reduced by engaging in some form of bartering with a sales assistant or store manager. 

Make use of the numbers you discovered previously on the internet to assess whether or not you are receiving a fair deal.

Include the cost of the old mattress pickup as well as the cost of delivery and setup of the new mattress in the total price.

Inquire about freebies; many businesses will provide free services if the customer simply inquires.

Take into consideration your personal priorities while deciding whether or not to purchase a mattress online. For example, what you are looking for in a mattress, how quickly you need it, what your pricing range is, are you ready for online mattress shopping in India and whether you are comfortable investing in something you have never slept on are all factors to consider. Also, keep in mind that it is possible to find showrooms that have online mattress models that you may check out before placing your order for a mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

The greatest quality mattresses may be found on a variety of websites, depending on the brand, it’s always best to check the company website for the right mattress.

Mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years under normal circumstances. It goes without saying that this is only a basic guideline and not one size fits all. The time period in which you should replace your mattress is influenced by a number of different elements.

The average mattress should last between seven and ten years. There are, however, a variety of circumstances that can affect the lifespan of a mattress.

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