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Did you know, what you sleep on has a lot to say about your personality? Do you believe that? 

Let’s give you another fact. According to a study, 71% of those who make their bed think they are happy in life? While 62% of those who do not make their bed are unhappy. Can you see the relevance here? No? Let’s dig deeper, then. 

The point here is that your personality type directly affects your mattress or bed choices. 

People who make their beds aim high in life. They love their jobs, follow a routine and keep themselves in check. People who don’t make their beds are less likely to enjoy their job, exercise, or follow a routine and thus are not as happy as others. 

It is proven that “sleep affects every aspect of our functioning, both physical and psychological,” says Terry Cralle, RN, sleep educator, author, and advisor with the Better Sleep Council (BSC).

Let’s explore this topic a little more and find out which mattresses match your personality and why. 

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Ideal Mattress Firmness: Medium to Soft

Side sleepers are often assumed to be night owls because chances are they would like to stream something before sleeping or read in the bed. For all these activities, what’s a better position on that side? Even if you do not match up with these activities, have you noticed which side you sleep on? 

If you find yourself sleeping on any side, then you, my friend, should be careful with your mattress choice. Side sleepers need to support their shoulders and neck so that the mattress doesn’t make it stiff. For that reason, you should consider choosing a medium-soft mattress. 

The best bet would be choosing a memory foam or gel foam mattress. These mattresses are softer for side support and absorb the motion of restless sleepers. Spring mattresses can harm the shoulders over time with their metals and might not be great in the long run. 

Memory foam mattresses are known for regaining their structure once the user leaves the mattress. You can say, memory foam or gel mattress understands your sleeping needs and offers the best solution for you. This also makes them durable and stable to provide the same level of comfort each night. 

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Ideal mattress firmness: Medium to Firm

If you are someone who likes to sleep in a freefall position or often find themselves sleeping in the skydiver position, then you, my friend, are a stomach sleeper. These are social people and do not like criticism. According to a study, Gen X likes to sleep on their stomach. These people have a happy vibe and are not introverts for sure.  

As stomach sleeping puts a strain on your neck, you might not want to choose a soft bed. When you sleep on a soft surface, your shoulders and neck might feel sore. For this reason, Gen X or stomach sleepers should sleep on a firm bed like latex or innerspring mattresses

These mattresses are great for body support and come in budget-friendly options too. These are also great for heavy people as they can support their bodies, not just for stomach sleepers. Latex mattresses are firm yet bouncier and are a perfect choice for those people who like to sleep on their stomachs. 

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Ideal Mattress Firmness: Soft to Medium. 

There are people who like to be on their own, enjoy ‘me’ time, and find it hard to socialize with everyone, you know who we are talking about, the introverts. Did you know that 31.75% of introverts prefer to sleep on the back? But do you also know that back sleepers choose comfort over anything else? So, if your personality traits match the ones described above, then you, the back sleeper, should choose a soft to medium mattress. 

These mattresses should be able to support your body, and for that reason, a hybrid mattress will be the best choice. This mattress is a combination of spring and foam which then supports the body in every possible way. It offers pressured relief without compromising on the back support. 

Another feature of this mattress is it regulates the mattress temperature better than a foam mattress. The combination of foam and coil keeps the back aligned, making it easier for the person to fall asleep.

Why Check Mattress Firmness Before Buying?

Understanding your personality and sleeping positions is one thing, but understanding what to look for in a mattress is another. For that reason, the main feature you should be double-checking while buying a mattress is firmness. 

Why? You know your preferred sleeping positions, daily activities, and what you do on the mattress. You might want to choose a comforting mattress that supports your body when you switch positions, stream movies, web series, or anything before sleeping or reading an ebook for the active personalities. 

If you are the silent type who doesn’t move from the bed and is probably sleeping in one position all night long, then you should choose a mattress that isn’t that hard. Choosing the wrong firmness can result in body pain and can even elevate them. For similar reasons and your preferences, you should always consider the firmness of your mattress before buying. 


Now that you know what mattress suits your personality, choosing the right mattress won’t be hard for you. Always keep in mind that comfort is the key while choosing any mattress. As you make an effort to understand your preferences, traits, likes, and dislikes, make an effort to understand which mattress would match your personality. 

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