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Innerspring Mattress – The Most Renowned One

Innerspring mattress: Even if you have no idea of different types of mattresses available in the market today, you have most probably heard about innerspring mattresses. That is the kind of publicity that this type of beds enjoys among its competitors. A deteriorated bed with the springs protruding out can be found in Charlie Chaplin movies to famous cartoons. In short, inner spring mattress is a celebrity among mattresses.

Springs, a coiled elastic object that stores mechanical energy, has been used throughout human history for many purposes. Spring began to be used as the core of the mattress after the invention of steel springs in 1857. The credit of this incorporation of springs in beds goes to Mr.Heinrich Westphal, a German inventor.

What Makes Up an Innerspring Mattress?

There are three parts for an innerspring mattress. The foundation, the core, and the upholstery or the comfort layer.

The Foundation

As the name indicates, it is the part that supports the whole structure of the mattress. It is the bottom part of the bed and acts as a base to the inner core. The foundation layer is usually made of wool.

The Core

This layer is the main part of the mattress. It consists of hundreds, even thousands of springs and coils. The more the number of coils in the core, the more firm the mattress becomes.

The Comfort Layer

The upholstery is the topmost layer in the mattress. It gives a cushioning effect to the sleeper by covering the springs in the core. It is usually made of foam. Fiber is also sometimes used for making the comfort layer.

What Is the Use of the Spring Core?

The core supports the sleeper’s body. The gauge of the spring inside the core determines the firmness and support provided by the mattress. Usually, the coils used in high-quality spring mattress in India are of 14-gauge (1.63mm). There are four types of coils which are used for mattresses. They are:

  • Bonnel Coils
  • Continuous Coils
  • Offset coils
  • Marshal Coils

Which Sizes Are Available?

Innerspring core mattresses are renowned for their versatility. They come in all kinds of sizes like twin, full, queen, and king. You can select the one according to your need.One thing we can guarantee is that if you are looking to buy an innerspring mattress, you won’t have to go back empty handed because they do not come in the size you are looking for.

What Are the Benefits of Innerspring Type Mattresses?

Innerspring mattresses one of the oldest type of mattress that is available in the market. The reason why it stood the test of time is that it has many advantages compared to other types of beds.

Firm and Bouncy

Most people give unnecessary importance to the softness of the mattress in the west. But people tend to opt for firmer mattresses in India. Innerspring mattresses are undoubtedly one of the firmest mattresses in business.The firmness of the spring mattress comes in handy for those who suffer from back pain. This type of mattresses can provide very good lumbar support for the sleeper which is therapeutic for those with a sore back.

Ease of Movement

Unlike other mattress types which confine your movement by sinking you into them, innerspring type mattresses facilitate easy movement. The firmness of the matters is the reason for this. This mobility is good for those who like toss and turn in their bed while sleeping. In other types of mattresses, they will feel tied down and may feel tired after sleeping because of the relentless strain they went through trying to move.


Though firm, the spring mattresses can compress in proportion to your body weight and will be able to contour your body in different sleeping positions. This responsiveness makes innerspring mattresses one of the most preferred mattresses in India.

Wide Variety

The inner spring type mattresses are available in a wide variety of forms. This is one of the greatest advantages of opting for the inner spring type. Most modern mattress types are an improvement on the original spring core. For instance, pillow top and Euro top mattresses contain the inner spring core but the outer comfort layer is made differently.

You can choose from a variety of types which are extra soft or extra firm. Also, a lot of brands are available at varying price ranges. You can get high-end luxury mattresses to budget ones.   

Budget Friendly

Innerspring type mattresses do not make your wallet light. They are affordable to most people and gives value for money. With such a wide range available, you can choose the right one which agrees with your need and your paycheck.

What Are the Cons of Innerspring Mattresses?

Though spring type mattresses are one of the best available in the market, it has some disadvantages too.


Even the greatest of the fans of innerspring mattresses voice their concern about the squeakiness of their favorite type of mattress. Some low-end price ranged ones can alert you on the considerable movements in the bed. It can sometimes be enough to give sleepless night to a light sleeper. Though the chances of such happenings are slim, it surely is a possibility.

Moreover, the squeaky mattress can rat you out by proclaiming your late night adventures in the bed to your nosy neighbors who keep an open ear for such stuff.   

Motion Transfer

Some types of innerspring mattresses are notorious in waking you up when your partner just rolled over. If the spring used in the core of the bed of low gauge, this problem becomes more pronounced.

The coils inside the core of the bed, unlike the independent shock absorbers in your car, are connected to a common grid called the box spring surface. The upholstery fabric comes above this arrangement. Today, however, most box springs are ridged and non-flexing and hence do not have as much motion transfer as it used to in olden days.


Spring mattresses which use springs with very low tensile strength, can cause the loss of support after 3 to 4 years. This affects the durability of the mattress which is otherwise good to go for almost a decade.

Not Suitable for Those With Joint Pains and Injuries

As innerspring mattresses do not allow even distribution of body weight, it can aggravate the joint pains. Some elderly people find spring mattresses unsuitable for them because of this reason. Pressure points are inevitable as each spring pushes back evenly.


Innerspring mattresses do not fall on the good side of the weight margin. It is difficult to move them. So when it comes to cleaning or flipping the mattress, someone has to lend a helping hand to you.

Where Can You Buy Innerspring Mattresses?

Spring mattresses are very common and are available in huge shops like IKEA, Walmart and so on to the small vendor on the wayside. Online stores also have a large collection of innerspring mattresses

What Is the Typical Life Span?

Modern innerspring mattresses are highly durable. Most brands give a warranty for 7 to 10 years.

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