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Hybrid Mattress: A Combination of Two Mattresses

Have you ever wondered why there is so much hype around hybrid things? Everything that we know of is being converted to hybrid. Hybrid dogs, hybrid energy, hybrid cars and now a hybrid mattress have become very familiar terms in the twenty-first century. But why do people prefer hybrid over classic normal types?

What Is With This Hype?

The hybrid technology stems from the simple idea of combining two things together to avail the advantages of both at the same time reducing the disadvantages. It has proven very beneficial if done properly. Good research and care can produce quality products with unforeseen advantages and hence they become popular among the public.  

In some rare cases, a hybrid can mean combining more than two items after careful consideration.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Mattress makers around the globe thought of combining the advantages of two different types of mattresses to produce a new one which contains the benefits of both the types. A lot of research has been done in this area. After many trials and errors, the researchers have come up with some new beds with astonishing properties.  Thus hybrid mattresses were born.

What Are the Two Types of Mattresses Used to Make a Hybrid Mattress?

Any two types of beds can be combined to form a new one. When the qualities of the two types supplement each other, they can be called as hybrid mattresses.

But usually pocketed innerspring and memory foam mattresses are used for the purpose. Memory foam is layered on top of the inner spring mattress to give a luxurious and comfortable sleep.

What Is the Cost of a Hybrid Mattress in India?

As they provide the comfort and luxury of two types, hybrid mattresses are a little more costly than average mattresses in India. Though the price range is wide, they are usually available from Rs 10,000 onwards. The high-end types can cost up to Rs 75,000.

If you put your comfort above the price, you can surely go for a hybrid type mattress.

Where to Buy Hybrid Mattresses in India?

Hybrid mattresses are not so common compared to other types of mattresses in India. But they are available online with many discount offers that will put a satisfied smile on your face.

If you live in a city, you can find them in big stores like IKEA. You have the advantage of choosing from the one that you felt good after laying down for a little bit. If you feel such a firsthand experience is necessary before spending a considerable amount on a mattress, you can go to these stores.

When Are They Best Used?

They can be used by anyone who loves the bounciness of the innerspring mattress and the softness of memory foams. Really such an idea spurred the invention of hybrid mattresses.

The hybrid mattresses are sometimes used as therapeutic beds as the memory foams used in them provides pressure point relief. This is helpful for patients suffering from joint pains, muscle pains and so on. Also, the firmness of the inner spring is advantageous for many who complain about the sinking experience in the memory foam type.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Hybrid Mattress?

Combining the innerspring mattress and the memory foam was done solely for one purpose: compounding the benefits of both types. This gives us an idea about the advantages of hybrid mattresses.


Hybrid beds use memory foam layering above the inner spring. The soft memory foam helps to evenly spread the body weight through the length of the mattress. This avoids applying too much pressure in any one body part when lying in different positions, ensuring a night of very comfortable and deep sleep for anyone.

Less Motion Transfer

If you have a partner who is a restless sleeper, chances are high that your sleep also will get disturbed. The mattress you are using is the main culprit behind this. The innerspring mattress has the problem of motion transfer which is much annoying, especially for light sleepers. Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, transfers very little motion. This is because of the property of the memory foam layering of the mattress. It absorbs the energy rather than transferring it to the other person. So there is no complaint from both the partners. If you are a light sleeper, surely go for the hybrid type mattress.

More Support

The greatest complaint about memory foam mattress is that it gives very little support. Some say that even though they like the softness of the memory foam, the sinking experience greatly annoys them. In a hybrid mattress, the inner spring mattresses provide the required firmness and support to the bed. This will avoid the ‘quicksand experience’ of the memory foam mattresses.

Better Airflow

The hybrid mattresses allow greater air flow because of the individually pocketed springs that make up the core of the mattress. The advantage of this is that the bed will be much cooler compared to other types available in the market. Hence, these beds provide a cooler sleep for those who live in hot climatic zones. Hybrid mattresses are therefore very useful in India, which has one of the hottest summers in the world.

Health Benefits

As the memory foams give a soft surface, and innerspring provides a firm core, hybrid mattresses are very versatile. These properties are highly beneficial for patients suffering from body pain. The memory foam ensures that even pressure is applied against the body of the sleeper, irrespective of the sleeping position of the person. Thus pressure point pains and soft tissue damages can be avoided. For those with back pain, the firmness of innerspring which gives a neutral positioning to the spine and the cushioning effect of the memory foam guarantees a painless night.

What Are the Cons of Using a Hybrid Type Mattress?

There are a few disadvantages for hybrid mattresses. They are listed below:

Problem of Off-Gassing

Some type of memory foams are found to emit harmful gasses such as Benzene. It is argued that Benzene is a carcinogen.  There are studies which point in that direction too. As hybrid beds mostly use the memory foam as the outer layer of the bed, this problem concerns those who use these beds. Many experts in the field are of the opinion that this outgassing only for only a short period when the foams are comparatively new. They believe that this will not affect the health of the sleeper.


The cost of hybrid mattresses in India is a little higher compared to other types of mattresses. Though low-end hybrid mattresses are available around Rs 10,000, a decent mattress can cost well above Rs 25,000. This makes the mattress less affordable for those who don’t get a fat paycheck every month.


Though the hybrid mattresses are not the heaviest among the mattresses, they cannot be classified as light mattresses. The inner spring core contributes heavily to the weight of the mattress. This heaviness of the hybrid mattress makes it difficult to move and hence are not portable. Sometimes, dusting is also a problem for this type of mattresses

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