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Folding Mattress: Merits and Demerits

Folding mattress: Mattress technology has developed into unforeseen areas in the recent past. From simple soft padding, made of horsehair, cotton, feather and so on, to make the hard surface suitable for sleeping, mattresses have become very advanced. The mattresses available in the market today can be temperature adjusted, height adjusted and even the softness of the mattress is customizable according to the requirement of the sleeper.

People now use different kinds of mattresses for different purposes. There will be a mattress for regular use, one for camping, another for guests and so forth. Many do not consider the amount they spend on mattresses as a waste of money. Maybe this is because people know that if they don’t sleep well, they don’t wake up well which affects their whole waking hours.

It is with the aim of fulfilling these varying needs that mattress makers today are developing mattresses. A folding mattress is such a one with multiple purposes.

What Is a Folding Mattress?

Folding mattresses, as the name indicates, is a bed that can be folded and taken wherever you want. It refers to a wide range of mattresses which are portable. As the category is broad, it is difficult to pinpoint the different features of a folding mattress. But generally, they can be defined as the mattresses which are portable. 

When Are They Best Used?

Folding mattresses are easily portable. This makes them suitable for those who move around a lot. They can be taken for camping and hiking trips. They provide better comfort than air mattresses during these adventurous journeys.

Many people use folding beds as their guest mattresses. This is because they provide an option to keep it hidden away in some place. As guests do not turn up very frequently, they are reluctant to waste so much space for a permanent bed.

Some people buy a foldable mattress for their regular use. Mostly it is because they live in a confined space where they cannot afford to keep a permanent bed. The space saving property of the folding mattress is very useful for these people too.

Folding mattress

Are Foldable Mattresses Available in All Sizes?

A folding mattress is normally available in standard mattress size, including twin, full, queen and king. Some different varieties are also available in market like the extra-long version of full or twin beds. They have a standard width but will have 4 extra inches of length such as a queen. King size is five inches wider and six inches shorter than queen size.

Almost all these sizes are available in India. But you may have to visit a big store to make sure that you get the mattress size that you are looking for.

Where Can I Get a Folding Mattress in India?

Foldable mattresses are easily available in India. They are found in almost all local stores. You can find the different sizes in IKEA, Walmart and so on. The mattresses are also available in online stores.

What Is the Cost of a Folding Mattress in India?

Folding mattresses are usually considered affordable as they are not so costly. You can get them for Rs 3000 onwards in India. Decent mattresses can cost more. But they are not as costly as many other types available in the market today.   

What Are the Advantages of a Folding Mattress?

The benefits of a folding mattress are listed below

Easily Portable

This is the major advantage of a foldable mattress. They are specially designed to make them easy to carry around. Hence people take it for camping and hiking purposes. They are very light which makes carrying it much easier.

If you are willing to take it with you, they will save you the trouble of having to sleep on a saggy couch. They are also much comfortable than normal futon mattresses

Easy Storage

As foldable mattresses are actually foldable, they can be stored away in the closet or any other place where it won’t disturb you. It does not need much space for storage. Most of these type of mattresses are tri-fold and can easily slide into small spaces where it can be stored easily.

This makes it the best choice for a guest bed if you don’t have space to spare for an extra mattress. This feature makes it a very popular type among those living in confined spaces.


A very unique feature of folding mattress is that it can be used for other purposes. There are some models which can be folded to form a sitting platform. Some people use it as a footrest or even as pillows in some cases.  Folding mattresses can also be kept in the sitting room to be used as a couch. Many people prefer folding beds because of this versatility.

Suitable for Children

Children find mattresses a great place to play. They enjoy rolling around and wrestling in their beds. Folding mattresses are suitable for this kind of use also as they can act as playing mats. They protect children from the injuries caused by hitting the ground.

Another advantage is that most of the foldable mattresses have removable covers. If you feel like it has become very dirty, you can remove the cover and wash it. Most of the covers can be washed in a machine too.

Foldable mattresses can also be used by children for sleepovers. It is much comfortable than sleeping bags and as they are weightless, children can easily carry it around.


Though they are not the cheapest mattress in the market, folding mattresses are not very costly. The price range depends on the brand of the manufacturer but decent folding mattresses are available at a reasonable amount.

If you are someone who feels like spending a huge sum on a mattress is foolish, you can opt for folding mattresses which gives almost the same benefits as other high-end mattresses.

What Are the Demerits of a Foldable Mattress?

The disadvantages of using a foldable mattress are:

Not much comfortable

Foldable mattresses are not as comfortable as memory foam or gel-infused foam mattress. Many people with sleeping problems find them affecting the quality of their sleep. Hospitals and old age care homes do not prefer these types of mattresses because of this reason.

If you prefer comfort over everything else from your mattress, a foldable mattress is not for you.

Motion Transfer

If you have a restless sleeping partner, you may have experienced the discomfort of motion transfer. Many new generation mattresses have the property of absorbing these energy and thus preventing the waves from reaching you. This is not the case in folding mattresses. If you are a light sleeper and have a restless partner by your side, you are in for a sleepless night. This makes them not so popular among those with sleeping problems.

Pressure Points

As the responsiveness of the foldable mattresses is pretty low, they do not distribute weight evenly. This can cause pressure point pains. Those who sleep on their side are the ones who are most affected by this. Foldable mattresses may cause hip and shoulder pains for them.

Because of this problem of the mattress, medical practitioners do not recommend it for those with joint and muscle pains.

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