Euro Top Mattress: What You Need to Know

AEuro topmattressian improved version of pillow top mattresses. It might have been made from the thought of givinga softpadding above a firm mattress to make it more softer.

Many people are confused about the euro top and pillow top mattresses. There are some who believe they are one and the same. But this is not true. While euro top mattress is an improved version of apillowtop, all pillow tops mattresses are not euro tops.

Euro Top Mattress on a Metal bed frame

What Is the Difference Between Euro Top Mattress and Pillow Top Mattresses?

Pillow top mattresses are made by providing soft padding of memory foam, latex foam, gel, wool and so on over an innerspring mattress. Euro top mattresses, on the other hand, are typically made of fiberfill or foam which is of better quality. Also, the padding tends to be thicker.

Pillow tops are made by sewing an extra layer of padding above the firm mattress. This is obvious as the two layers can be seen separately and sometimes there can be a gap between the two layers. But in euro top mattresses, there is an additional padding under the top layer. This not only covers the entire top surface of the mattress but flushes with the edges which make the padding layer look like a part of the mattress. This gives a plush look to the bed.

Another factor is durability. The euro top mattresses tend to be more durable than the pillow tops because they do not displace like the padding of the pillow top type. As they are made of better quality material and are packed denser, they can provide more support and reduces motion transfer compared to pillow top mattresses.

Where Can I Buy Euro Top Mattresses?

Though they are not as popular as pillow-top mattresses in India, euro tops mattresses are available in many big stores. Many small shops have also understood the growing popularity of these types and are making them available for their customers.

You can also buy them through online stores, which can give you very good offers. But if you are a person who prefers to have a first-hand experience of the bed, it is better that you go to a nearby store and get the feeling before buying.

How Much Does a Euro Top Mattress Cost?

Euro top mattresses cost a little more than pillow top mattresses in India. Some argue that they are not affordable to common people. This is not very true. You can find the low-end ones at nearly Rs 10,000. But if you are looking for a decent euro top mattress you may have to pay almost twice that amount. High-end mattresses can cost up to Rs 50,000 in India.

Are They Available in All Sizes?

Yes. Euro top mattresses come in all sizes like twin, full, queen and king. But you may not find all the sizes in a local store. You may have a search for them in branded shops likes IKEA or may have to depend on online stores.

When Are They Best Used?

Euro top mattresses are much softer compared to pillow tops. Hence they find use as a therapeutic mattress. It is almost as comfortable as a memory foam mattress but has the firmness of an innerspring mattress too. If you are a person do desires these qualities in your bed, you can opt for a euro top mattress.

What Is the Expected Life Span of a Euro Top Mattress?

Unlike pillow top mattresses whose durability is frowned upon, euro top mattresses have a longer life span. The denser and better quality padding does not get displaced easily. Also, the probability of sagging of the spring core is considerably reduced because of the support provided by the top layer.

Euro Top mattress

What Are the Benefits of Using a Euro Top Mattress?

 Euro top mattresses have many pros compared to many other types of mattresses available in the market. They are as follows:


The comfort provided by the outer soft layer of the Euro top mattress is unrivaled.  They are much comfortable than pillow tops to which they are always compared. The body contouring and even weight distribution by these mattresses make sure that you get a very sweet slumber.

Another factor which makes a euro top mattress much comfortable is that it is firmer on the edges and has more cushioning in the center. This makes getting in and out of the bed much easier and adds durability.

If you all you expect from your mattress is a comfortable sleep, you can choose euro top mattresses.


Many soft mattresses like the memory foam give a ‘quicksand experience’ to the sleeper where he feels like sinking into the bed. This happens because they don’t have a strong core to support a person’s weight.

The innerspring coils in the core of the euro top mattress make sure that it gives you necessary firmness. The lumbar support is provided by this firm innerspring core. The quality top layers allow you to get the experience of sleeping on a soft surface. Thus the Euro top mattresses can be considered as a middle ground between too soft and too firm mattresses.

Health Benefits

The major problem with the firmness of the innerspring mattress is that the hard surface aggravates pain in the pressure points. This problem is effectively solved by the euro top mattresses which does not give pressure to the points of contact in the body by distributing the body weight evenly. This protects the softer tissues too.

The joint pains are found to be reduced by the use of euro top mattresses. Hence they are used as therapeutic beds in hospitals and geriatric care centers.


The Euro top mattresses are much durable compared to their pillow top counterparts. The higher quality, density and thickness of the padding facilitates this.

What Are the Cons of the Euro Top Mattress?

The disadvantages of euro top mattresses are listed below:


The Euro top mattresses are costly compared to pillow top ones. Though the higher quality of the Euro top mattresses is pointed out by the manufacturers as the reason for this, many argue that they can buy decent memory foam mattresses at the same cost.

Trapping body heat

This is the greatest disadvantage of a euro top mattress. As there is no gap between the topmost layer and the innerspring core mattress, air circulation cannot take place and hence they become hotter compared to pillow top mattresses.

For a country with hot and warm climate like India, this is a huge issue as it can make the sleeper sweaty and uncomfortable.

Bed bugs and dust mites

The innerspring core can house insects like bed bugs which can disturb your sleep. The ample and comfortable space inside the core of the mattress is what causes the problem. Once bed bugs make a colony inside the mattress,it is almost impossible to get them out. Many people avoid this type of mattresses because of this fear.

Not portable

Euro top mattresses are heavy and it is difficult to move it. This makes dusting and cleaning hard. Dust gets accumulated in the mattress because of this.

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