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Choosing the Right Mattress for Back Pain – A Guide

An increasing number of people are now suffering from back pain. It helps to have the best mattress for back pain to let your body rest and heal at night. The back is divided into three parts: the cervical spine(neck), the thoracic spine (upper back) and the lumbar spine (the lower back).

The three main functions of the spine are to:

  • Protect the Spinal Cord, Nerve Roots, and other internal organs
  • Provide structural balance to Maintain an upright posture
  • Enable Flexible Motion

Back pain can be a debilitating health condition that is caused due to overuse such as lifting heavy weights or excess working out, prolonged sitting and lying down, sleeping in a rather uncomfortable position or wearing a poorly fitting backpack for extended long hours.

A young woman feeling the back pain

While any part of your back could be painful depending on the cause, it is the lower back pain or lumbar spine pain which is more common among patients.

Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Damage to the back could informof a sprain, ruptured or bulging discs, Sciatica, arthritis or osteoporosis. Back pain is the single large factor causing disability and affecting the professional lives of individuals. It has been reported that people suffering from spine issues tend to get fewer hours of quality sleep per night and worry whether they are sleeping enough.

Treatment for the back pain is prescribed depending on the severity of the condition and the part of the spine affected. The treatment for the back pain ranges from rest and home remedies to medical treatment such as NSAID, Physical Therapy, Cortisone Injections, Traction, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

While medical therapiesdoprovide you with relief from this condition, choosingthe right mattress could be vital to finding a long-term solution to alleviating the pain and providing with quality sleep. Good quality snooze certainly improves the efficiency of the person when he/ she is awake.

So, the question to consider at this point is, what are some of the things to be considered when buying a mattress for back pain?

Go for the Medium – Firm Foam Mattress for Back Pain

Memory foam mattress

While the age-old wisdom says, ‘the harder the better,’ when you suffer from back pain. Recent medical studies have shown that medium foam mattress is the ideal for the people suffering from back pain. If the mattress is too firm or is too squishy, it won’t provide the necessary support to the spine. You can go for medium-firm memory mattress as it moulds according to your body providing you with ease and comfort.

Long Test Drive Important

Take your time when making up your mind to buy a mattress. If you wake up fresh and pain free when staying at a hotel, you may have found your perfect sleeping partner. Do not hesitate to note down the brand name and style number of the mattress. Even at malls customers should be given ample time to lie down and experience the comfort level of the mattress, before they make the selection for the mattress.

Shop for the Best Quality and Value

Highly priced mattress may not always be the best. Mattresses with more coils and thicker padding are more usually more expensive and of superior quality, but higher price is not always an indicator of quality and comfort. Compare different types and brands before you make up your mind. Look out for promotions and sales at stores to get your steal deal.

Watch Out for Marketing Gimmicks

Do not get fooled by tall claims made by the companies of a mattress being, ‘medically approved’ or ‘orthopaedic.’ The individual must consider on personal basis whether any added features to the mattress is of any benefit or value.

Purchase from Trustworthy Stores and Companies

When buying a mattress consider the return policy, delivery service, customer care and the warranty period and policy of the product. Buying from a store that lets you return the mattress in case the customer is not satisfied is a good deal. You can now find many trusty companies online that provides convenient buying experiences, long term warranties and even a trial period.

Replacement Does Help

So, you are not convinced about the mattresses made especially for back pain sufferers, studies have shown that just the fact that you change a mattress regardless of the brand or type seem to help in the alleviation of pain. The point to remember is that if you have been sleeping on the same mattress for 9 or 10 years, it’s time to get a new one. Almost any replacement would be better than old, saggy one that you have been sleeping on. Although it pays to invest in a spring or at least a mid-range mattress.

Pillow and Positions Vital

Choosing the right mattress to ease your back pain is vital, but it is not the only thing. Correct Body position and placement of the pillows go a long way in providing ease and comfort to the person suffering from back pain.

Better Sleep council suggests repositioning of the mattress every six months to ensure the mattress is evenly worn.

While identifying the best or perfect mattress remains a debatable topic, opinion polls and sleep professionals suggest specific types of mattress are better than the others when it comes to effective pain management for a long time. So, go ahead research, compare and take your own time to select your perfect sleep partner.

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