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Bed sizes: Mattress Dimensions Guide

Buying a mattress takes a little more thought and consideration than one might imagine at first. It is an investment that determines your comfort. And as in most things related to personal comfort, there are many options to choose from. However, the first thing to decide is the right one among all the bed sizes. Although it is an individual preference, putting some thought into your requirements will help you decide what the best buy for you will be. This way you can make completeutilisationof your mattress for as long as it lives.

What you need to think of before making your purchase online:

the number of occupants that intend to use the mattress

  • the size of the room in which it will be placed
  • the size of users
  • the age of the users

To help you decide the best bed size for you and most suitable option for you, we have compiled a detailed guide of mattress dimensions.

Crib – 27’’ X 52’’ : The smallest of all bed sizes

A mattress this size is usually a comfortable fit for children until they reach around 2 years of age. This of course, may vary from child to child, and is a generic estimate. This size fits most cribs, including ones with safety railings to keep your baby secure and prevent falls. They are also available in materials that are light and easilyportable,and are spill-safe or easy to clean. Usually, with cribs, the mattress needs to firm unlike what people believe.

A crib or a toddler mattress is usually firm, compared to the sink-in soft ones available for adults. This is because children in this age group are often unable to adjust their heads in case they turn in their sleep and end up face-down on the mattress. The resistance only makes the mattress firm, thus keeping the infants safe but in comfort at the same time.

Twin – 39’’ X 75’’ : No longer a toddler!

Twin beds are the smallest mattresses apart from the crib sized one. So, although they would be an uncomfortable fit for an adult, they make the perfect bed size for toddlers to move on to when they outgrow their cribs. This mattress size usually lasts children through their childhood, of course with exceptions for some growth spurts late into their teenage, making it a good choice for solo sleepers, and a long term one. 

The size of this mattress makes it easy to store in congested spaces. They are also ideal for stacking up as bunk beds or placing side-by-side in shared rooms or even to be used as day beds.  

Twin XL – 39’’ X 80’’: For the taller ones


The Twin XL is only slightly longer and retains the same width as the Twin sized mattress. This serves as an ideal mattress for taller children, or college kids. Not being too wide, they are also the ones most often used in college dormitories and small apartments where space might be a constraint. 

Their dimensions make them easy to transport and allow them to fit into most kinds of narrow spaces.

Full – 54’’ X 75’’: Cozy Comfort

The Full size mattress is also known as a double mattress to many. As there is a considerable increase in the size from the Twin XL they might make an economy-sized mattress for couples, but will still be a crunch of space. They are ideally suited for teenagers who have outgrown the Twin XL or for adults who have space constraints or are looking for a temporary solution.

They can easily be used as a guest bed for a single person and make for a good fit in smaller rooms or as extras.

Queen – 60’’ X 80’’: For the Committed

Queens are by far the most popular choice, and rightly so, for they are versatile in their utility. They make for a luxurious fit for single users, and at the same time are comfortable enough for couples. It fits in a moderate sized bedroom without crowding it. The Queen also has the potential to be the longest lasting mattress by far because this is a size that cannot be outgrown, and goes well in most flats and houses. It strikes a perfect balance between the luxury and economy sizes. What is more, it is also easily portable.

The popularity of it has also ensured that you have a wide range of bedding accessories at your disposal, that too with a wide range of prices to choose from. 

King – 76’’ X 80’’ : Space Like Never Before

The King size mattress is the second largest of bed sizes and the most luxuriant mattress size. It gives ample room to couples, with as much space as a Twin size one would for each partner. Moreover, those with cuddly pets or young children will find that it also leaves a little extra room to easily accommodate them. Although the portability of this mattress is a little difficult, if you think of it as a long-term choice, you may find that this the most suitable one for your family. 

It would be advisable to measure the dimensions of your sleeping space before buying it, as it is a big mattress and will need room for comfortable movement around the bed also. This mattress is best suited to a large bedroom.

California King – 72’’ X 84’’: The Biggest of All Bed Sizes

A tall person’s dream, the California King size mattress simply docks off 4’’ from the width of a King size, and adds it to the length, thus making this a perfect fit for those over 6 feet tall. It allows you more space to stretch out without feeling the need to crouch as compared to the King size. The California King is the biggest of all the bed sizes available and should be bought when you have ample space in the room.

Although 4’’ less wide than the King, it is still comfortable enough for a couple because of the extended leg room at the bottom. In fact, being narrower, it also has a slightly better advantage of fitting into a narrower space.

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