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10 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces


The interior designing of a place is what distinguishes it from the rest of the places in the world. there are millions of buildings with billions of spaces but all of them are different from each other and this is only because of the different interior designs of those places. 

Thousands of unique ideas will help in making your place heaven for you on earth. The best interior designs Dubai offers can help you in decoration of your place. But that requires thorough management and keen interest of the person or otherwise, the whole place will be havoc.


Especially for the people living in small spaces, it is of the utmost importance that they get the interior of their places designed by the best designs available online or by getting the help of architecture. This will ensure that the quality of their living standards is increased and to remove the factor of congestion.

What are the 10 ideas of interior designing?

Thousands of unique ideas will help you in the renovation of your house and interior designing that will make you fall in love with your place. But some of these ideas are significant and are used very widely. These ideas will increase the space for the important that will not have been adjusted otherwise. These significant designs are mentioned below:

  • The loft bedrooms with walk-in wardrobe
  • Loft bedroom with walk-in kitchens
  • The moveable cubicle beds.
  • The free-standing kitchenette
  • Illusionize more space by drawing a table under a fixed shelf.
  • The L shaped couch beds increase more space
  • Making use of the space around the windows for purposes such as a bookshelf.

The loft bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes:

lofe bedroom with walk in wardrobes

The loft bedrooms clear the space and allow you to build something spacious according to your desires such as a bathroom or a walk-in closet or a home office. Loft bedrooms are the perfect tool to make your place look spacious if you are inhabiting a small apartment or house.

Loft bedroom with walk-in kitchens:

Loft bedroom with walk in kitchen

Another interior design idea that will make your small space look much bigger is to loft the bed and make a kitchen beneath it. I this way you can manage the bed space and the kitchen in the same area. These walk-in kitchens are much useful than the complete kitchens consuming space of a complete room.

The Moveable Cubicle Beds:

Moveable cubicle beds allow you to place them wherever you want and this will bring more space to your little rooms since you can manage and change the whole look of the place by just moving the bed from one place to another. This will help you in transitioning your place according to the requirements of the time.

The free-standing kitchenette:

The free standing kitchenette

The free-standing kitchenettes are the kitchens that are foldable and moveable. They can be packed and present the look of a wardrobe. Since they consume very less space in contrast to the complete kitchens that is why they are the best tool to create space at your place.

Illusionist More Space by Drawing a Table Under a Fixed Shelf

A drawing table under a fixed shelf

Every place has shelves but these shelves can be painted in such a way that they give an illusion of a table that has been placed among the wall. This will give your space a presentable look along with enhancing the spaciousness of the place.

The L shaped couch beds increase more space

The couch beds placed in L shape

The couch is the necessity of every drawing room and they are also the furniture items that occupy more space than anything else so if we use the L shaped couch instead of the traditional couch. This will provide more sitting space along with increasing the open area of that place.

Making use of the space around the windows for purposes such as a bookshelf

A room filled with the books in bookshelfs

The walls around the windows are thought to be useless but if we utilize them for purposes such as a bookshelf or rack or hanging the pictures then this can clear much space and it will also help us organize many objects by increasing the space.

Making use of the foldable dining table

Foldable dining table

Dining tables are the necessary furniture item for every place. They require a fixed place and cant be moved often. The use of a foldable dining table instead of traditional ones clears the area of the dining table.

Using a retractable bed to increase the space

Rectractable bed

In small spaces, the use of the retraceable beds can be a big advantage the beds can be retraced along the wall or above along the ceiling and leave the place open and clear the space.

Rotating multipurpose room dividers

Multipurpose room divider

The room dividers that are built for multi-purposes can be used and they can be simultaneously used for keeping the books or as a television wall. 

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