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Thinking of a Makeover for Your Children’s Room? Here Are Some Few Ideas That Can Help

Being a parent is indeed a tough task, especially these days when the kids have become so advanced in their choices and tastes. But with some good homework and understanding of the basic things, you can bring joy to your child’s life in the easiest way possible. Children love simple things and so if you decorate and renovate their rooms once in a while they will surely enjoy it to the fullest. 

So, here are some room decor ideas for your child which they might like without any hindrance. Read on to know more

Map Quest

Children's room with a world map on wall

Bunk Beds

Bunk bed in children's room

It is mainly a thing when you have more than one child at home but you can still build your only child a bunk bed to add to the ethnic vibe of the room. Call it a vintage idea or a modern outrage, bunk beds are always there to glorify your child’s sleeping experience. Most of us craved to have one in our childhood, so why not build them for our children if we can? There are several designs and layouts to choose from and you must go by the one which best fits your child’s age and taste.

Wallpaper Whimsy

Superheroes on wall in children's room

Children love dramatic wallpaper and wall arts in their rooms. So, why not indulge in the drama and let them enjoy their indoor stay moments! You can choose from cartoon wallpaper for children below the age of 13-14 and beyond that age, you can go for superheroes or other similar characters that they are fond of! Sometimes you can even go for textured wall arts with subtle backgrounds for your adolescent child.

Toy Compartment

Cute kid with his toys

Which child does not love toys and who would not like having a toy compartment in his or her room as part of the room decor! You can attach a shelf on one side of the wall of the child’s room and make it a toy compartment for your child. It will also help them learn discipline as they would not scatter their toys here and there and after playing they would keep the toy in the compartment.

Teenage Bachelor Pad

 If you have children who are in their teenage days then this room decor idea would be quite appealing. You can use black and white wallpaper for both the ceiling and the walls. Keep a punching bag dropped down from the ceiling, a lacquered headboard and go for vertical shades with overhead lighting to give your child’s room a teenage bachelor pad feeling. 

The Takeaway

Children have varied tastes when it comes to room designs. Some like to keep it cozy and minimal while some like to keep it stuffed with various things. So you do not always understand how to design their rooms so that they enjoy the time they spend in their rooms and also have a healthy and happy sleep. 

Thus, you can try renovating their rooms once a while to give them the touch of newness and warmth with the room design ideas. The given few children’s room decor ideas can work wonders to set the mood of your child alright. They would love the design without a doubt and you must try on these the next time you intend to renovate the room of your child.

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Trendy Home Decor Ideas for 2021

As the year 2019 approaches to its end, people will look for the best in the coming year in every aspect. Be it renovating your house or making a new resolution, you would want your new year to start with dignity and grace. Almost everybody likes to do some changes and makeover to their lifestyle habits with every new year. 

And why not? You have all the right to restart your life at any moment you want and enjoy the privileges of having a different lifestyle than what you were leading all these years. So, to bring a change to your monotonous lifestyle (and home designs) we bring to you the latest and trendy home decor ideas with shall make your 2020 a better year altogether. 

Consider These Ideas for Renovating Your House This Coming Year

Workspace and Leisure Space Fusion

A beautiful interior of a house

These days more people are taking an interest in work from home and thus having a corner that suits this trend has become quite essential. When you work from home, undoubtedly you will mix leisure with your working ways and so, having a fusion decor which best suits this trend is the need of the hour now. Put a small laptop table at one corner and an easy chair on one corner. Light the room with soft lights and vibrant colors to give it an ultimate work-leisure balance.

Go Green

A beautiful interior of a room

Having greenery at house can never go out of fashion. It does not only help in adding to the home decor but it also reforms the way you live. You can either have a big garden in your courtyard or if you have a shortage of space then you can go with vertical gardens at one corner of your house. You can also put small plant pots at different corners of the house to give it an amusing decor.

It’s Velvet All-Around

interior of a room with a velvet color

One cannot have enough of velvet and it certainly never goes out of fashion! So, it’s back in the trend list again with curtains, cushion covers and everything else in velvet shades and materials. Choose velvet as your home decor styling and you won’t regret it.

Accent Walls Are a Thing of Past Now

Red color interior in the house

The trend of accent walls was so much into fashion all these years but it’s not going to be the same in the coming years. No matter whether you are planning for a wallpaper, having a photo gallery or putting bright paint on your wall, all will go flop in the trend list. Rather the matching wall color trend is going to come back in fashion again with focal points coming from decorative accessories.

Millennial Pink Out, Neutral Shades In

A beautiful interior

The type of millennial pink that was in trend in the past few years is no more a thing of interest now. It’s either blue or neutral colors that are paving the way towards the trend list in the coming years. You can implement these colors in everything related to your home decor- from the exterior to the interior!

The Closure

We all must renovate and maintain our house like we take care of our children. With timely maintenance and proper care sometimes even the major mishaps can be avoided, let alone the minor ones! 
Like when you keep your pipeline under maintenance you can save yourself from drain blockage problems or when you keep your rooftop clean and maintained, you can save the untimely erosions and other such issues. 
Thus, it is needed that you do timely care and maintenance of your home in terms of both interiors and exteriors. And if of late you are thinking of renovating your house then the given few ideas can go down well with your thinking. These trendy home decor ideas are a must-try for the upcoming year!

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Your Living Space Speaks Volume About Your Taste. Decorate It Accordingly!!!

The first impression of a person’s house remains with his or her living room. No matter how well-decorated interiors you have or how good the exteriors are, if you do not have a living space that is appealing and attracting then you are losing out on a heavy chunk of appreciation by the onlookers and visitors of your house. Thus, you need to decorate and design your living space in a way that it looks classy and elegant. 

Here are some such ideas which shall help you decorate your living space, that too within a limited budget. Read on to know more.

a living area in home with a beautiful view

Keep It Spacious

It is evident that “less is more” these days and if you want to implement this idea in your living room decor then it can be a plus point for you. The more space you keep in your living room, the better it looks. You must not stuff your living room with unnecessary furnaces, rather make way for just a sofa set or a wall cabinet and leave it emptied so that it looks elegant.

Rearrange the Furniture

Sometimes seeing the same furniture in the same place makes the living monotonous. And people less acknowledge the fact that by simply rearranging their furniture they can bring an entirely new look to their same old living room. You can put your sofa set on a corner, center table in the middle and move the wall cabinet to a different side to give your living room a complete makeover.

Keep Plant Pots in the Corners

Greenery is necessary not only for your living room decor purpose but also for the environment and your health. So, by keeping some small plant pots in your living space, you can add to the decor of the house easily. You can go for cactus plants or money plants for that matter which require less maintenance so that you don’t have to spend too much time taking care of the plants.

Paint With Pastel and Neutral Colors

These days, rich and vibrant colors are not in fashion, rather people are choosing pastel and neutral shades for their living room decor. You must also go by the trend and choose such a color for your living room decor which shall give your living space a completely new and refurbished look. Choose shades of white and gold or any other neutral shade that you want!

Ditch the Carpet, Choose Rugs

Gone are the days when people used to prefer carpets over rugs, now people go for rugs instead of the same old carpets. If you want to increase the overall look of your living space then give the floors a different look with rugs of various shapes and designs. You can go for textured rugs, animal prints and other such designs which shall go down well with the overall decor of the living space.

The Final Take

When you decorate your house, you try to do so many things that you ultimately forget what’s more important for home decor purposes. It is the design and decoration of your living room that attracts the onlooker’s attention. 
You must know that when your living space is decorated well, the interiors of the other rooms hardly matters as the first impression is always set with the living room only. So, you must implement the various living room decor ideas as mentioned in this article. It will not only help you improve the decoration of your living space but also help you to add value to your house. 

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Design Your Shower Room In The Most Fascinating Way With The Following Ideas

Many people have a fascination with decorating their shower rooms or bathrooms in the most innovative ways. It can be that their washroom sizes are not too big or they have limited space for its decoration but still people want their bath place to be nicer and sophisticated. These days the option to decorate your washroom are many, right from the large-sized washrooms to the small-sized ones, you will get the design of possibly all forms of washrooms to make it look appealing.

If of late you are thinking of renovating your washroom or building a new one in your house, then consider these ideas. Read on

Add a Touch of Bling

A shower room with yellow color

People may think it to be a weird idea as bling to them only means adding glamour to their dress. But if you add a touch of bling to your washroom then it might bring a good looking effect on the same. The glamorous gold color can turn your monotonous white bathroom into something gorgeous and worthy. It adds a warming effect to your washroom no matter what size it is. You must consider this idea if you want to make your bathroom look stunning.

Get Elegant Marble

A beautiful shower room with premium marbles

Going for large space tiles with varying colors and beautiful patchwork for your washroom can be a great idea to transform its look. You can use the same marble or tiles throughout the entire bathroom, right from the ceiling to the floor as well. This natural veining of the marble work indeed looks gorgeous in the washroom and adds to the charm entirely. It can also bring a luxe vibe to your washroom, given the fact you choose the best home decor services for the same.

Graffiti Designs Are In

A graffiti in shower room

Well, graffiti designs are no longer limited to bare walls now! It has created a huge impact on the lives of the millennials and also paved its way towards the bathroom or shower room designs. You can choose one wall or side of the washroom to paint it in the graffiti manner; you can either scribble a few words or paint it as you want. It shall look good and appealing in your shower room with a touch of the millennial mindset.

Go Out-of-the-Box With Colors

A funky shower room

Gone are the days when people only used cliched white and pastel colors on their bathrooms. Now is the time to go beyond that and choose colors that break the monotony. You can go all green or dark blue with your washroom wall and it may still look gorgeous.

Use All the Space You Can

A beautiful shower room

Build small racks, place marble pieces and do anything that might utilize the remaining space in your bathroom. You can put a small bathtub to fit your children if you don’t have enough space in your washroom. All in all, use every space and corner of the bathroom so that it looks all filled up.

The Closure

Your shower room is one such corner that depicts the lifestyle that you lead. The way you design it surely showcases the idea of authenticity and elegance that you possess in your everyday life. The washroom decor and designs come in various forms, out of which, only the ones who have good taste choose the best designs for their washrooms.

People can place a bathtub, build a shower area or make a toilet corner in their bathroom but designing it in a way that looks good enough seems to be the task of a master. Thus, you must be selective and careful with your washroom designs. And if you are confused with it then giving a thought to the above-mentioned ideas can be fruitful enough!  

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7 Elegant Kitchen Decor Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

The kitchen of our house is one such corner which is the most used (and most loved too!) And as it is most used, it has to be well designed with state-of-the-art furnaces and eye-catching designs. But it is not always that people invest their time and money upon designing their kitchen. But they do not understand the fact that the better the kitchen decor the best is the value of the home. 

Here are some elegant kitchen decor ideas which can help add value to your home. Read on to know more

Stacked Shelving

stacked shelving

To make your kitchen look spacious and brighter, this is the most suitable idea for you. You can replace the upper kitchen cabinets with the floating shelves to ensure your kitchen has the maximum space and best-looking interior. You can use this upper shelf to store the less used items and make your kitchen shine brighter.

Juxtapose Materials

kitchan light

Be it the shades of woody furniture or natural stone materials in matte and glossy surfaces, you can easily increase the value of your kitchen by using these juxtapose materials. They bring elegance in your kitchen decor which makes it look beautiful. 

Colorful Lighting


Bright lights and vibrant colors make for the best combination to decorate your kitchen. Whether you are building a new one or refurbishing your old kitchen, you must consider the implementation of bright lights and colors to give your kitchen an outstanding look!

Painted Floors


Boring floors are passe now! Times have changed and people have adapted to various different floor paint colors and designs than just the normal floor designs. You can choose some pretty colors and paint your floor accordingly to give it an eye-catching look. Sometimes printed patterns also work wonderfully well in addition to these colors.

Moveable Addition

movable addition

You can include a light dining table or a movable shelf to your kitchen so that when you don’t require it you can push it aside in one corner to save more space. It works in both ways and adds value to your kitchen instantly!

Classic Aesthetics

Classic aesthetics

You cannot always have a classic kitchen decor without people judging it. Many times we tend to keep our kitchen decor light and simple but if we can implement some aesthetic looks then our kitchen decor can outshine our home decor. You can use subway tiles or bistro chairs for an instance to add that touch of classic aesthetics to your kitchen.

Hideaway Furniture

Hideway furniture

The design is quite popular amongst the small kitchen design ideas. You can opt for roll out kitchen cabinets or wall-mounted tables which remains functional only when you desire. Other times it can be tucked into a confined space and thus it does not take away too much space also. When you have a smaller space in your kitchen, this decor idea will work wonders for you. 

The Closure

Our kitchen is the most beloved corner of our houses. We spend most of our time in the kitchen and if it is not appealing looks-wise then we will feel the monotony in cooking and eating in the kitchen. 
People generally don’t focus much on the kitchen decorations but they do not understand the fact that a little planning and implementation of the designs can make their kitchen look beautiful and appealing. 
The given few kitchen decor ideas are good enough to be implemented in your house which shall also add to the value of your house in many ways. So, the next time you plan to upgrade your kitchen, make sure you follow these design ideas.

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10 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces


The interior designing of a place is what distinguishes it from the rest of the places in the world. there are millions of buildings with billions of spaces but all of them are different from each other and this is only because of the different interior designs of those places. 

Thousands of unique ideas will help in making your place heaven for you on earth. The best interior designs Dubai offers can help you in decoration of your place. But that requires thorough management and keen interest of the person or otherwise, the whole place will be havoc.


Especially for the people living in small spaces, it is of the utmost importance that they get the interior of their places designed by the best designs available online or by getting the help of architecture. This will ensure that the quality of their living standards is increased and to remove the factor of congestion.

What are the 10 ideas of interior designing?

Thousands of unique ideas will help you in the renovation of your house and interior designing that will make you fall in love with your place. But some of these ideas are significant and are used very widely. These ideas will increase the space for the important that will not have been adjusted otherwise. These significant designs are mentioned below:

  • The loft bedrooms with walk-in wardrobe
  • Loft bedroom with walk-in kitchens
  • The moveable cubicle beds.
  • The free-standing kitchenette
  • Illusionize more space by drawing a table under a fixed shelf.
  • The L shaped couch beds increase more space
  • Making use of the space around the windows for purposes such as a bookshelf.

The loft bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes:

lofe bedroom with walk in wardrobes

The loft bedrooms clear the space and allow you to build something spacious according to your desires such as a bathroom or a walk-in closet or a home office. Loft bedrooms are the perfect tool to make your place look spacious if you are inhabiting a small apartment or house.

Loft bedroom with walk-in kitchens:

Loft bedroom with walk in kitchen

Another interior design idea that will make your small space look much bigger is to loft the bed and make a kitchen beneath it. I this way you can manage the bed space and the kitchen in the same area. These walk-in kitchens are much useful than the complete kitchens consuming space of a complete room.

The Moveable Cubicle Beds:

Moveable cubicle beds allow you to place them wherever you want and this will bring more space to your little rooms since you can manage and change the whole look of the place by just moving the bed from one place to another. This will help you in transitioning your place according to the requirements of the time.

The free-standing kitchenette:

The free standing kitchenette

The free-standing kitchenettes are the kitchens that are foldable and moveable. They can be packed and present the look of a wardrobe. Since they consume very less space in contrast to the complete kitchens that is why they are the best tool to create space at your place.

Illusionist More Space by Drawing a Table Under a Fixed Shelf

A drawing table under a fixed shelf

Every place has shelves but these shelves can be painted in such a way that they give an illusion of a table that has been placed among the wall. This will give your space a presentable look along with enhancing the spaciousness of the place.

The L shaped couch beds increase more space

The couch beds placed in L shape

The couch is the necessity of every drawing room and they are also the furniture items that occupy more space than anything else so if we use the L shaped couch instead of the traditional couch. This will provide more sitting space along with increasing the open area of that place.

Making use of the space around the windows for purposes such as a bookshelf

A room filled with the books in bookshelfs

The walls around the windows are thought to be useless but if we utilize them for purposes such as a bookshelf or rack or hanging the pictures then this can clear much space and it will also help us organize many objects by increasing the space.

Making use of the foldable dining table

Foldable dining table

Dining tables are the necessary furniture item for every place. They require a fixed place and cant be moved often. The use of a foldable dining table instead of traditional ones clears the area of the dining table.

Using a retractable bed to increase the space

Rectractable bed

In small spaces, the use of the retraceable beds can be a big advantage the beds can be retraced along the wall or above along the ceiling and leave the place open and clear the space.

Rotating multipurpose room dividers

Multipurpose room divider

The room dividers that are built for multi-purposes can be used and they can be simultaneously used for keeping the books or as a television wall.