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Pros and Cons of a Gel Infused Foam Mattress

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room for improvement. More than just another motivational quote, those who think seriously like researchers and scientists, take this literally and try to make it applicable. If you don’t believe me, go and check out the gel-infused foam mattress.
Memory foam mattress, which revolutionized the market in the late 1970s, is still one of the favorite types of mattress. It filled mattress lovers with awe when an improved version of the memory foam called gel-infused foam hit the market.

How Was Gel-Infused Foam Introduced in the Market?

Memory foam, the predecessor of gel-infused foam, is a polyurethane foam that is made of a substance called viscoelastic. The material was first created in the mid-1960s by the American space research agency, NASA. As the material is highly energy absorbent and soft, they used it as padding for seats and helmets.

The extra softness of the material and the unique ability to conform to the shape of the material applying pressure to it caught the attention of the mattress makers. They thought of making a mattress with the material and it became a huge success.

The awe-inspiring success of the memory foam mattress did not stop the researchers from trying to improve the quality of the mattress. They continued their research and came up with a better foam called gel-infused foam.

When Was Gel-Infused Foam First Introduced in the Market?

The credit of developing the gel-infused foam goes to Charles Yost. He manufactured it in 2006. Yost is also the inventor of memory foam for NASA. One is forced to think that he has a special affection for very soft materials.

Gel infused memory foam mattress

What Is the Gel Used in the Foam?

Most mattress makers prefer to keep the composition of the gel they are using as their trade secret. But it is obvious that the gel or gel infused foam that they use in the mattress is not natural. It has to be a synthetic material which gives more ventilation than memory foam.

Inside structure of gel infused memory foam mattress

What Are the Different Types of Gel-Infused Mattresses Available in India?

An advantage of gel-infused mattress is that they are available not just as full gel infused mattress. Much cheaper versions of this type of beds are available in the market.

Gel-Infused Pads

Gel-infused mattress pads or simply gel infused pads are a thin layer of pad which covers the whole top surface of the bed. They can be used over any mattress to make it softer. Many people prefer the pads for its well known cooling property also.

Gel-Infused Mattress Toppers

This is a much thicker version of the mattress pads. They are much comfortable and are not as costly as a full gel infused mattress. You can enjoy the softness of the gel-infused foam by just covering your old mattress with this toppers.

How Much Does This Type of Beds Cost?

Gel-infused mattresses are costly compared to other available types of mattresses in India. Though the cost depends on the brand of the maker, it usually comes around Rs 10,000. This not an affordable amount for many who are looking to buy a comfortable bed.

What Are the Different Sizes Available?

Gel-infused foam mattresses are available in all sizes. You can find them in full, twin, queen and king sizes. However, this is not applicable to gel-infused mattress pads and gel-infused mattress toppers. Not all variety of these types are available in India.

Where Can I Get Gel-Infused Foam Beds in India?

It is unlikely that you will find the mattress with your required size in a local store in India. You may have to depend on multinational stores like IKEA or Walmart. You may also find everything you need in the online stores.

When Are Gel-Infused Foam Mattresses Best Used?

If you are in love with the softness of the memory foam mattress and live in a warm climate which gives you a sweaty and uncomfortable sleep, you can prefer gel-infused foam. They are much cooler and provide better ventilation.

They are also sometimes used as therapeutic beds in hospitals as they do not give pressure point pains to the patient.

What Are the Pros of Using a Gel-Infused Foam Mattress?

This type of mattresses have all the advantages of memory foam mattresses. At the same time, they eliminate many of its disadvantages too.

Regains shape much faster

Gel-infused foam, like memory foam, has the property of plasticity by which the shape of the sleeper is accommodated easily. This versatility of the mattress helps to avoid pressure point pains, reduces joint aches and provides a very comfortable sleep.

But the unique feature of the gel infused foam mattress is that it springs back to its normal foam much faster than memory foam. This helps those who toss and turn around a lot in their sleep as it facilitates easy motion. The sinking or ‘stuck in’ experience of the memory foam mattress that many complain about is effectively avoided by gel-infused foam mattresses.

Much cooler

One of the major problems of memory foam mattress is that it traps body heat and hence is not suitable for warm climates. Gel-infused foam facilitates air circulation and allows the body heat to escape. Thus a cooler and comfortable sleep is guaranteed by the gel-infused foam mattress without compromising on responsiveness.

This property of gel-infused foam mattress makes it suitable for use in India which has one of the hottest summers in the world.

Better for heavy people

Most obese people find it difficult to sleep in memory foam mattresses. They complain that as it provides very little support they feel uncomfortable. Gel-infused mattresses, on the other hand, are very suitable for them. It regains its shape much faster than memory foam so it is easier to get in and out of bed.

If you are on the heavier side, you can opt for gel-infused foam which is much better than memory foam.

Low motion transfer

Many complain of the sleepless nights they have to endure because of their restless sleeping partners. Motion transfer, as it is called, is a problem for almost all mattresses. But the gel-infused foam mattress is very good at avoiding this. The viscoelastic material and the gel used to make these beds absorb the energy from tossing and turning rather than transferring it to the person sleeping next to you.

What Are the Cons of a Gel Infused Foam Mattress?

The disadvantages of a gel infused foam mattress are:


The high cost of this type of beds is the major concern of those who are looking to buy one. Different brands have different costs. But generally, gel infused foam is costlier than memory foams. This makes it less affordable to common people.


Gel-infused foams are heavy and thick mattresses. This makes their handling much difficult. You may have to seek the help of someone to just reposition it in your bedroom.

Not Portable

These type of mattresses are too heavy to be moved from one place to another. They are hence not suitable for camping. Gel infused foam pads and toppers were invented to circumvent this problem.

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Pillow Top Mattress: Add Comfort to Your Mattress

If you hear the name ‘pillow top mattress’ and start wondering ‘is it a pillow over an ordinary mattress?’ you are partly right. Pillow top mattresses are normal beds with an extra layer of padding above it.

The firmness of the mattresses would have prompted someone to think of adding a soft layer above it to make his sleep more comfortable. And it sure did work.

What Is Used to Make a Pillow Top Mattress?

The mattress consists of two major parts; the core which provides the support and the outer layer which provides the padding.

Mostly two types of mattresses are used to form the core of the pillow top mattress. They are innerspring mattress or Air bed. Many inches of additional padding foam is sewn into the top of these mattresses. The foam can be made up of different materials like cotton, wool, memory foam, latex. In some mattresses, fiberfill is also used

In some cases, the pillow top layer that is used in air beds can be removed or replaced while on the innerspring mattress the layer is unremovable.

What Kinds of Pillow Top Mattresses Are Available?

Pillow top mattresses are available in almost all sizes in India. It is highly unlikely that you will return empty-handed from a store because you couldn’t find the size that you are looking for. You can easily get twin, full, queen and king sizes in most stores.

Are Pillow Tops Useful?

The usefulness of anything differs from person to person. A layering of the soft pad was added to the existing mattress to make it more comfortable. Hence, pillow top mattresses are for you if you are looking for a softer and more comfortable mattress than the conventional one.

How Much Does a Pillow Top Mattress Cost?

According to the material used for the foam and the mattress which acts as the core, pillow top mattresses are available in a wide price range. They are available from Rs 5000 onwards which is much lower compared to other types of mattresses available in India.

Where Can I Buy Pillow Top Mattresses in India?

Pillow top mattresses are available almost all furniture stores in India. They can also be brought through online shopping. It is best to make sure that you are content with the quality of the padding layer. So it is better to purchase pillow top mattresses from a nearby store than from an online one.

When Are They Best Used?

You can prefer a pillow top mattress if you want a softer version of an innerspring mattress. The padding will provide you with the necessary cushioning which will gives more comfortable sleep. At the same time, it gives the firmness of the innerspring mattress as its core is made up of spring mattress.

The top layer also retains heat, so it is suitable for those living in cool climatic conditions.

What Is the Life Span of the Pillow Top Mattress?

The major disadvantage of a pillow top mattress is that it is not very durable. The outer layer of the mattress slips off after some years or it will lose its cushioning effect.

The innerspring mattresses used as the core can sag and the support provided can thus be reduced.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Pillow Top Mattress?

There are many advantages for a pillow top mattress. You can opt for this type if you feel it is what you are looking for


Pillow top mattresses are much comfortable compared to conventional mattresses. They provide a softer surface for the sleeper. It also distributes the weight evenly and hence no additional pressure is applied on any particular part of the body.

The body contouring provided by the mattress ensures more responsiveness than conventional innerspring mattresses. Thus the pillow top mattresses undoubtedly give a very comfortable sleep.


The inner spring core gives the required firmness to the bed. Unlike memory foam mattress which completely engulfs the sleeper by sinking the person into it, the pillow top mattress gives the necessary support. This helps to keep the spine in a neutral position and thus prevents back pain.


The greatest complaint of anyone who tries to buy a mattress is that most of them are very costly. Many are confused about whether to spend so much amount on their beds.

The pillow top mattresses are much less costly compared to other mattresses like memory foam or hybrid. You can get almost the same comfort level of memory foam at a much lower price. So it is suitable for anyone who is looking for comfort without affecting their economic stability.

Health Benefits

Because of the soft surface provided by the padding on the mattress, the pressure point pains will not be felt when a person uses pillow top mattresses. This also helps to relieve the backache and joint pains.

The firmness of the innerspring mattress is also advantageous to those who require lumbar support.

Pillow top mattresses are very suitable for those who sleep on their side. The softness of the top layer will make sure that they do not cause pain on their hip and shoulders which gets most pressure while sleeping on one side.

Low Motion Transfer

Transference of motion is a huge problem in an innerspring mattress. When your partner moves in the bed, you get disturbed because of the bounciness of the bed. This affects your sleep and is enough for a sleepless night if you are a light sleeper. You would have no other option but to sleep on the couch.

When pillow top mattresses are used, the soft padding absorbs the energy and doesn’t transmit it. So even if your partner keeps tossing in the bed, you will not feel it much and thus can have a good night’s sleep.

What Are the Cons of Using a Pillow Top Mattress?

Despite the advantages stated above, the pillow top mattresses have some disadvantages too. You should consider them before opting for one.

It is not suitable for hot climates

The temperature regulation property of the pillow top mattress depends on the type of foam used as padding. But generally, the top layer retains body temperature and becomes hot. This is good for those who live in cold climates. But in the warm climate of India, it can give you a very sweaty and uncomfortable sleep.

Not Durable

The durability of pillow top mattresses is not something to boast about. In fact, it is not as durable as many other types of mattresses available in the market. The bed becomes uncomfortable in the long run as the cotton or wool filling inside the top layer gets displaced. If this happens for an air mattress, the top layer can be replaced. No such options are available in the innerspring type.

The sagging problem which affects the classic innerspring mattress is also a problem in the pillow top mattress. Though it takes a little more time because of the resistance from the top layer, it is an inevitable problem.

Bed Bugs and Dust mites

The spring core is the favorite hiding place for bed bugs and dust mites. It is very difficult to get them off once they find a place in the mattress.  

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Memory Foam Mattress: Pros and Cons

In the world of customized things, have you ever wondered when the mattress that you sleep on will become customizable according to your need? Well, we already have invented such a mattress. A mattress that remembers you: memory foam.

The astonishing softness and its ability to conform to the object placed above it made mattress makers think of designing a new type of mattress using the material. The result was the birth of one of the softest bed in the world. Be it taking a power nap or sleeping dreamily through the night, memory foam mattresseschecksall the boxes.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a polyurethane foam that is made of a substance called viscoelastic. The material was first created in the mid-1960s by the American space research agency, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). As the material is highly energy absorbent and soft, they used it as padding for seats and helmets.

When it was introduced into the market almost twenty years ago, it created a revolution in the industry by becoming an over-night favorite dethroning the innerspring type mattresses. People began seeking out the softness of memory foam to the bounciness of spring beds.

Memory foam mattress

What Is So Special About Memory Foam?

Memory foams are special because of their softness and their unique ability to shape itself according to the body weight applied to it. This helps to evenly distribute body weight and thus relieves pressure point pains.

Where Does It Get the Name From?

The wonderful feature of the memory foam is that it is slow moving and hence retains the shape of the person for a few more seconds after he gets out of bed. This memorizing property gave it the name memory foam.

When Are Memory Foam Mattresses Best Used?

Memory foam was first used in hospital beds for patients with severe joint pains and pressure point pains. As the bed helps in spreading the weight evenly, the joint pains are found to reduce considerably. Thus memory foams are best suited in therapeutic beds.

Where Can You Buy Memory Foam Mattresses in India?

Memory foam mattresses are not as popular as other types of beds in India. Still, their popularity has gone up in recent years. The retailers are aware of this changing market trend and so memory foams are on display in many furniture stores. 

If your nearby store owner does not seem to be affected by this change in preference, you can always get memory foam mattresses through online shopping.

How Much Does a Memory Foam Mattress Cost in India?

Memory foams cost a tad bit more than other types which are available in India. They are available from Rs 7000 onwards. But the high-end ones cost around Rs 50,000.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Mattress?

Those who use memory foam mattresses are all praises for its innumerable benefits. Some of them are given below.

Health Benefits

The major advantage pointed out by the fans of memory foam mattress is the health benefits of using it. The memory foam has the property of displacing the pressure or the body weight of the sleeper along the length of the person’s body. So the person gets relief from body aches, muscle pains and so on.

When you lay down for a long time, the pressure created by the downward pull of gravity and the opposing force provided by the bed can sometimes affect the blood circulation. It may cause soft tissue damage and bed sores in bedridden patients. The memory form does not give as much pressure to the person as other mattress types and hence they help prevent pressure sores and minimize pain in sensitive areas.

The even support given by the memory foam mattress is helpful to relieve backaches. Unlike other mattress types, they have the property of contouring the curves in the body which helps in supporting the lower back. This also helps the spine to stay in a neutral position.

Low Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is a big issue in most type of mattresses. if you have a partner who twists and turns in their sleep, these mattresses let you know immediately. If you are a light sleeper or your partner and you have different sleep schedules, you may have to go through many sleepless nights.

Memory foam mattresses make a lot fewer waves compared to others. The viscoelastic material used in memory foam absorbs the motion and does not allow it to be transferred. So if you have a partner who moves a lot during sleep, memory form ensures that your sleep is not disturbed.  


Memory foam is the most comfortable mattress available in India without a doubt. The softness of the memory foam material is unrivaled. Part of the reason why it is used as a medical bed is that it can guarantee comfortable and quality sleep to those who suffer from physical pains and discomforts. The patients who slept in the memory foam mattresses are reported to have got better sleep than those who slept on other types of mattresses.

Body temperature regulation is another factor that makes your sleep in memory foam mattress much comfortable. It keeps you warm if it is cold outside and cools if it is hot. Different kinds of covers are available in the market which aids this process. So memory foam mattresses guarantee a comfortable sleep irrespective of the environmental temperature.  

What Are the Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses?

Though they are one of the favorite types of mattresses in the market, many point out some cons of using memory foam mattresses. They are as follows

The Sinking

Many people like the hugging provided by the memory foam mattress. The body contouring and pressure point relief is hailed one of the best in the market. But many find this much annoying. They say that laying down on a memory foam mattress feels like sinking in quicksand. The over the responsiveness of the bed causes this feeling. 

The quick-sand-experience also gives rise to another problem for those who toss around a lot during their sleep. They feel like sleeping on glue and hence feel restricted in their movement.

Use of Chemicals

Memory foam is not a natural substance. Many complain about the chemical smell of the memory foam. Some studies have proven that the smell can be caused due to the emission of Benzene, which is found in many memory foams. The chemical tops the suspect list of carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). But according to some studies conducted by the American Cancer Society, the chemical is widely used even in developed countries.

Apart from Benzene, memory foams also contain Naphthalene which is also not good for the human body. But the harmful effects of both these chemicals have not been proven without a doubt. So if you are concerned about these chemicals affecting your health, memory foams are not for you.


The cost of memory foam mattresses is not on the positive side. It is not as affordable as the other available types of mattresses in India. This factor has affected the popularity of these kinds of mattresses.

New researches are being conducted to make them more wallet-friendly. But till now you have to pay a handsome amount for a decent memory foam mattress 

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Latex Mattress: Pros and Cons

The latex mattress is usually termed as the most popular mattresses sold today. It is argued that these type of mattresses rates the top of the chart when it comes to customer satisfaction.But many people have a lot of misconceptions about latex mattress. Some believe that latex is a chemical and is hence harmful to the body. In fact, latex is a natural material. But there are two other types which are not completely natural too.

What Are the Types of Latex Used for Making Latex Mattresses?

There are three different types of latex which are used to make mattresses. Each of them has different properties which make them useful in different scenarios

Natural Latex

This is a completely natural material made from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). The antimicrobial qualities make the material very suitable for making a mattress. As they are 100% natural, they are much costly compared to other types

Synthetic Latex

These are man-made latex which uses chemicals. It is not as good as all natural latex because of its lower resilience and durability. Also, the chemicals used in them can be harmful to the body.

Blended Latex

This type is a combination of natural and synthetic latex. Many brands use blended latex instead of all natural ones because they are less costly and exhibits most of the properties of natural latex.

How Is Rubber Sap Converted to Latex?

There are two methods by which rubber sap is converted into latex. They are

Talalay Process

The latex foam produced by this method is very soft. Hence they are used for making soft-feeling mattress foams. Some synthetic material has to be added to the natural sap to achieve this softness. The Talalay foams are thus blended foams. In some cases, it can be 100% synthetic too.

Dunlop Process

The latex produced by Dunlop process is much firmer compared to that by Talalay process. Producers prefer this process if they want a firm mattress.

When Are Latex Mattresses Best Used?

Latex mattresses are very popular because they are very soft and does not have the problem of producing harmful gasses like memory foam. You can go for latex mattresses if you prefer natural materials in your bed at the same time want to enjoy the comfort of using memory foam.

How Much Does a Latex Mattress Cost in India?

As it is a natural product, the cost of a latex mattress is pretty high compared to other types of mattresses available in India. Low-end latex foam mattresses cost around Rs 10,000. But the cost for a decent mattress is above Rs. 25,000.

How to Ensure That the Latex Mattress Is 100% Natural?

The truth is that the cost of 100% natural latex is very high. So most manufacturers use blended latex to make the mattress. Nevertheless, there are some brands available in the market that makes natural latex mattresses. You can check the percentage of composition before buying the bed to make sure you are getting what you want.

Where Can I Buy Latex Mattress in India?

India is one of the largest producers of rubber in the world. So latex mattresses are ubiquitously available in India. Most stores sell Dunlop type mattresses. They are very firm. Even though they are not as common, you can also get softer Talalay type latex mattress.

Many online stores can give you considerable discounts on latex mattresses. Be sure to check them out before buying from your local store.

What Are the Pros of Latex Mattresses?

Latex mattresses enjoy so much popularity because of the many advantages of this type of beds. They are listed below


The latex mattresses are extremely comfortable. The comfort level of latex mattress obtained after the Talalay process can be compared to that of a memory foam mattress. It has almost the same body contouring and responsiveness. This makes it one of the most sought after beds in the world.The sinking experience is also eliminated as the bed provides good support to the sleeper.

Health Benefits

Because of the comfort and cushioning effect of the latex mattress, it is recommended by health care professionals. They say that sleeping in these mattresses can reduce joint pains and backaches. Also, good cushioning and body contouring avoids pressure point pains.

Better support given by the latex mattress aligns the spine in a neutral and natural position. This prevents strain on the backbone and thus provides a comfortable sleep for those suffering from acute backache.

Resistance to Dust Mites and Mold

Most mattresses have the problem of mold and dust mites growing in it. They are very difficult to get rid of. But latex is a material with natural resistance to mold and mites. They do not have to be chemically treated once in a while like other beds. This is a great boon in the warm and humid climate of India which aids the growth of molds. Latex mattresses hence is a very good choice for healthy and hygienic sleep.


Unlike other mattresses, latex mattresses does not trap body heat. Natural latex because of their open cell structure is porous and allows air circulation. This is much needed in the warm climate in India to provide a cool sleep. Moreover, air circulation promotes health and hygiene as the bed does not absorb your sweat and become damp.

Low Motion Transfer

The wave created by your sleeping partner while tossing in the bed is not transmitted to you by a latex mattress. Unlike spring mattresses which bounces you off when your partner turns, these mattress types absorb the energy. This is particularly advantageous for light sleepers.


Latex mattresses are highly durable. They can last for 15 years or more. There is no problem of sagging as latex is a naturally elastic material and its plasticity is not easily lost. So the money spent on a latex mattress is worth.

Fewer chemicals

Latex mattresses are made of natural materials. This avoids health problems like those caused by synthetic mattresses like off-gassing from the memory foam. Benzene, which is considered as a carcinogen, is released by memory foam. Though researchers have not yet got any conclusive evidence, these chemicals can be harmful to the body.

However, 100% natural latex is rarely available in the market. Most mattresses are made by Talalay process which blends chemicals to the latex. Hence care should be taken to make sure that the mattress you buy is natural.

What Are the Cons of a Latex Mattress?

The cons of a latex mattress are listed below


Latex mattresses are very costly compared to other types of mattresses available in Indian. This high cost makes them unaffordable to common people. Spending such a high amount on a bed does not appear to be viable for them.

Nevertheless, because of its high durability, ventilation and comfort, mattress makers argue that the high cost of the mattress can be justified.


Latex mattresses are much heavier than many other types. It may need two or three people to help you move the mattress. This makes it not portable. Dusting and cleaning can also be difficult.

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Innerspring Mattress – The Most Renowned One

Innerspring mattress: Even if you have no idea of different types of mattresses available in the market today, you have most probably heard about innerspring mattresses. That is the kind of publicity that this type of beds enjoys among its competitors. A deteriorated bed with the springs protruding out can be found in Charlie Chaplin movies to famous cartoons. In short, inner spring mattress is a celebrity among mattresses.

Springs, a coiled elastic object that stores mechanical energy, has been used throughout human history for many purposes. Spring began to be used as the core of the mattress after the invention of steel springs in 1857. The credit of this incorporation of springs in beds goes to Mr.Heinrich Westphal, a German inventor.

What Makes Up an Innerspring Mattress?

There are three parts for an innerspring mattress. The foundation, the core, and the upholstery or the comfort layer.

The Foundation

As the name indicates, it is the part that supports the whole structure of the mattress. It is the bottom part of the bed and acts as a base to the inner core. The foundation layer is usually made of wool.

The Core

This layer is the main part of the mattress. It consists of hundreds, even thousands of springs and coils. The more the number of coils in the core, the more firm the mattress becomes.

The Comfort Layer

The upholstery is the topmost layer in the mattress. It gives a cushioning effect to the sleeper by covering the springs in the core. It is usually made of foam. Fiber is also sometimes used for making the comfort layer.

What Is the Use of the Spring Core?

The core supports the sleeper’s body. The gauge of the spring inside the core determines the firmness and support provided by the mattress. Usually, the coils used in high-quality spring mattress in India are of 14-gauge (1.63mm). There are four types of coils which are used for mattresses. They are:

  • Bonnel Coils
  • Continuous Coils
  • Offset coils
  • Marshal Coils

Which Sizes Are Available?

Innerspring core mattresses are renowned for their versatility. They come in all kinds of sizes like twin, full, queen, and king. You can select the one according to your need.One thing we can guarantee is that if you are looking to buy an innerspring mattress, you won’t have to go back empty handed because they do not come in the size you are looking for.

What Are the Benefits of Innerspring Type Mattresses?

Innerspring mattresses one of the oldest type of mattress that is available in the market. The reason why it stood the test of time is that it has many advantages compared to other types of beds.

Firm and Bouncy

Most people give unnecessary importance to the softness of the mattress in the west. But people tend to opt for firmer mattresses in India. Innerspring mattresses are undoubtedly one of the firmest mattresses in business.The firmness of the spring mattress comes in handy for those who suffer from back pain. This type of mattresses can provide very good lumbar support for the sleeper which is therapeutic for those with a sore back.

Ease of Movement

Unlike other mattress types which confine your movement by sinking you into them, innerspring type mattresses facilitate easy movement. The firmness of the matters is the reason for this. This mobility is good for those who like toss and turn in their bed while sleeping. In other types of mattresses, they will feel tied down and may feel tired after sleeping because of the relentless strain they went through trying to move.


Though firm, the spring mattresses can compress in proportion to your body weight and will be able to contour your body in different sleeping positions. This responsiveness makes innerspring mattresses one of the most preferred mattresses in India.

Wide Variety

The inner spring type mattresses are available in a wide variety of forms. This is one of the greatest advantages of opting for the inner spring type. Most modern mattress types are an improvement on the original spring core. For instance, pillow top and Euro top mattresses contain the inner spring core but the outer comfort layer is made differently.

You can choose from a variety of types which are extra soft or extra firm. Also, a lot of brands are available at varying price ranges. You can get high-end luxury mattresses to budget ones.   

Budget Friendly

Innerspring type mattresses do not make your wallet light. They are affordable to most people and gives value for money. With such a wide range available, you can choose the right one which agrees with your need and your paycheck.

What Are the Cons of Innerspring Mattresses?

Though spring type mattresses are one of the best available in the market, it has some disadvantages too.


Even the greatest of the fans of innerspring mattresses voice their concern about the squeakiness of their favorite type of mattress. Some low-end price ranged ones can alert you on the considerable movements in the bed. It can sometimes be enough to give sleepless night to a light sleeper. Though the chances of such happenings are slim, it surely is a possibility.

Moreover, the squeaky mattress can rat you out by proclaiming your late night adventures in the bed to your nosy neighbors who keep an open ear for such stuff.   

Motion Transfer

Some types of innerspring mattresses are notorious in waking you up when your partner just rolled over. If the spring used in the core of the bed of low gauge, this problem becomes more pronounced.

The coils inside the core of the bed, unlike the independent shock absorbers in your car, are connected to a common grid called the box spring surface. The upholstery fabric comes above this arrangement. Today, however, most box springs are ridged and non-flexing and hence do not have as much motion transfer as it used to in olden days.


Spring mattresses which use springs with very low tensile strength, can cause the loss of support after 3 to 4 years. This affects the durability of the mattress which is otherwise good to go for almost a decade.

Not Suitable for Those With Joint Pains and Injuries

As innerspring mattresses do not allow even distribution of body weight, it can aggravate the joint pains. Some elderly people find spring mattresses unsuitable for them because of this reason. Pressure points are inevitable as each spring pushes back evenly.


Innerspring mattresses do not fall on the good side of the weight margin. It is difficult to move them. So when it comes to cleaning or flipping the mattress, someone has to lend a helping hand to you.

Where Can You Buy Innerspring Mattresses?

Spring mattresses are very common and are available in huge shops like IKEA, Walmart and so on to the small vendor on the wayside. Online stores also have a large collection of innerspring mattresses

What Is the Typical Life Span?

Modern innerspring mattresses are highly durable. Most brands give a warranty for 7 to 10 years.

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Water Bed – All You Need to Know

The invention of the water bed is credited to Dr. Neil Arnott, a Scottish physician who wanted to make a bed which does not cause bed sores for those confined to the bed. Though Dr. Arnott made the bed in 1833, it didn’t catch public attention until the 1980s. The usefulness of the water beds made it the popular consumer item after ’80s

How Is a Water Bed Made?

Water beds are usually of two types depending on the construction.

Hard-sided Beds

In a hard-sided mattress, a water-containing bladder is placed in a rectangular frame of wood. This arrangement rests on a plywood deck that sits on a platform.

Soft-sided bed

Soft-sided bed has the water bladder which is placed inside a rectangular frame of sturdy foam. A fabric casing with a zip is provided which rests on a platform. The platform is like the foundation of a conventional innerspring mattress which gives it an appearance of a normal bed.

When Are Waterbeds Best Used?

Water beds are very suitable for bedridden patients as they avoid bed sores. They can also be used as therapeutic beds by heating the water inside the mattress. It can relieve joint pains, relax muscles and increases blood circulation.

If you are a side sleeper, you can choose water beds as they do not cause pressure point pain.

water bed

Where to Buy Water Beds in India?

Normal water mattresses are available in almost all local shops. As they are mostly used for medical purposes in India, they are also available in many medical stores. If you are looking for high-end water beds, you may be disappointed. You can get those types by online purchase or from big stores.

How Much Does a Water Bed Cost?

Water beds are not as expensive as other types of mattresses available in India. Low-end mattresses are available at a cost as low as Rs 2000. High-end mattress cost depends on the manufacturer. It can go up to Rs 50,000 in India.

What Are the Advancements in Waterbed Technology?

Early waterbeds consisted of a single bladder which was filled with water. The wave formation was a big problem for these ‘free flow’ mattresses. Modern mattresses have solved this problem effectively by employing different methods like fiber batting and multiple interconnected water chambers. Some modern mattresses employ air and water chambers which are interconnected to make completely waveless beds. The problem with them is that they are expensive.

Newer waterbeds have the option of heating the water inside it. A thermostat is used to regulate the water temperature; ideally kept at 30 degree Celsius. This is a very useful feature for people living in cold areas. Patients suffering from muscle pains and joint aches also find this very useful as it relaxes the muscle and improves blood circulation.

Modern waterbeds are usually made from soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which means that they can be repaired easily.

What Are the Different Types of Water Bed Mattresses Available in the Market?

Free Flow Mattress

These are low-end mattresses which are available at a low cost. Free flow mattresses are practically a big bladder which gets filled with water. There is not much cushioning or wave reducing techniques employed.

Semi-Waveless Mattresses

This type of mattresses are not completely wave-free but they are not as uncomfortable as free flow mattresses. They employ some fibers and baffles to partially control the waves.

Waveless Mattress

A waveless mattress is a high-end water bed with very little or no waves. They contain multiple layers of fiber inserts and baffles to control the waves. They also have additional layers in the center to provide better support.

Are Water Beds Available in All Sizes?

Waterbed mattresses come in all sizes. In India, it is difficult to get all of them. Some online stores do give a choice for the sizes. If you can’t find the particular one that you are looking for in your local store, you will have to depend on them.

What Are the Pros of a Water Bed?

There are many advantages for waterbeds. They are:

Good Responsiveness

Waterbeds provide good body contouring and can be very comfortable. The bed adjusts to your sleeping position, which avoids tossing and turning in search of a comfortable position which can give you a peaceful sleep.

Health Benefits

Apart from being comfortable, waterbeds gives you very good support. This helps to keep the spine and the joints in a normal, neutral position avoiding aches and pains. They have the property of distributing your body weight evenly, avoiding pressure point pains. If you are a side-sleeper, you won’t have to wake up in a water bed with pain on your hip and shoulder.

Water in the waterbed can be heated up. This makes them very comfortable for those living in cold areas. It also facilitates blood circulation and relieves body pain by acting as a hot water bag. It is best suited for those who are confined to the bed as they do not cause bed sores or allergies.


Water beds are long-lasting. They can be used for almost 15 years without problems like sagging which affects most mattress types. Even if the PVC coating leaks, which is highly unlikely, they can easily be repaired by using any vinyl repair kit.

High-end water beds sometimes cost higher than other types of mattresses. With their high durability, they avoid frequent purchases and thus saves money.


Most waterbeds come with an inbuilt system to heat the water inside it. This is a unique feature of waterbed mattresses which helps to regulate body temperature for those living in cold countries. The hot water helps to relax the muscle and improve blood circulation, thus relieving body and joint pains.

What Are the Cons of a Water Bed?

There are some disadvantages for waterbeds which affects its popularity among the public. They are:

Difficult to Set Up

Waterbeds are not easy to set up. Unlike other mattresses which you don’t have to do anything but buy and bring home, waterbeds have to be filled with water and set up according to the manual before it can be used.  This process may take a couple of hours which some find very irritating.

Do Not Provide Air Circulation

The water inside the waterbed traps body heat and can lead to a sweaty sleep. This is quite unsettling for those who live in a hot and warm climate like India. This is a major disadvantage which reduced the sale of waterbeds in India.

Motion Transfer

For a low-end waterbed like free-flow mattress, the motion transfer is very high. You will find it difficult to sleep if your partner is a restless sleeper. The waves formed while moving can be very disturbing to some people.

Anyway, this problem is effectively avoided in semi-waveless and waveless mattresses.

They Are Difficult to Move

Once they are filled with water, these mattresses become very heavy. A king size bed can weigh up to 500kg when filled. This makes them very difficult to move around, even inside the house. If you want to move it because of some reason, you would have to drain off the water first.

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Hybrid Mattress: A Combination of Two Mattresses

Have you ever wondered why there is so much hype around hybrid things? Everything that we know of is being converted to hybrid. Hybrid dogs, hybrid energy, hybrid cars and now a hybrid mattress have become very familiar terms in the twenty-first century. But why do people prefer hybrid over classic normal types?

What Is With This Hype?

The hybrid technology stems from the simple idea of combining two things together to avail the advantages of both at the same time reducing the disadvantages. It has proven very beneficial if done properly. Good research and care can produce quality products with unforeseen advantages and hence they become popular among the public.  

In some rare cases, a hybrid can mean combining more than two items after careful consideration.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Mattress makers around the globe thought of combining the advantages of two different types of mattresses to produce a new one which contains the benefits of both the types. A lot of research has been done in this area. After many trials and errors, the researchers have come up with some new beds with astonishing properties.  Thus hybrid mattresses were born.

What Are the Two Types of Mattresses Used to Make a Hybrid Mattress?

Any two types of beds can be combined to form a new one. When the qualities of the two types supplement each other, they can be called as hybrid mattresses.

But usually pocketed innerspring and memory foam mattresses are used for the purpose. Memory foam is layered on top of the inner spring mattress to give a luxurious and comfortable sleep.

What Is the Cost of a Hybrid Mattress in India?

As they provide the comfort and luxury of two types, hybrid mattresses are a little more costly than average mattresses in India. Though the price range is wide, they are usually available from Rs 10,000 onwards. The high-end types can cost up to Rs 75,000.

If you put your comfort above the price, you can surely go for a hybrid type mattress.

Where to Buy Hybrid Mattresses in India?

Hybrid mattresses are not so common compared to other types of mattresses in India. But they are available online with many discount offers that will put a satisfied smile on your face.

If you live in a city, you can find them in big stores like IKEA. You have the advantage of choosing from the one that you felt good after laying down for a little bit. If you feel such a firsthand experience is necessary before spending a considerable amount on a mattress, you can go to these stores.

When Are They Best Used?

They can be used by anyone who loves the bounciness of the innerspring mattress and the softness of memory foams. Really such an idea spurred the invention of hybrid mattresses.

The hybrid mattresses are sometimes used as therapeutic beds as the memory foams used in them provides pressure point relief. This is helpful for patients suffering from joint pains, muscle pains and so on. Also, the firmness of the inner spring is advantageous for many who complain about the sinking experience in the memory foam type.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Hybrid Mattress?

Combining the innerspring mattress and the memory foam was done solely for one purpose: compounding the benefits of both types. This gives us an idea about the advantages of hybrid mattresses.


Hybrid beds use memory foam layering above the inner spring. The soft memory foam helps to evenly spread the body weight through the length of the mattress. This avoids applying too much pressure in any one body part when lying in different positions, ensuring a night of very comfortable and deep sleep for anyone.

Less Motion Transfer

If you have a partner who is a restless sleeper, chances are high that your sleep also will get disturbed. The mattress you are using is the main culprit behind this. The innerspring mattress has the problem of motion transfer which is much annoying, especially for light sleepers. Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, transfers very little motion. This is because of the property of the memory foam layering of the mattress. It absorbs the energy rather than transferring it to the other person. So there is no complaint from both the partners. If you are a light sleeper, surely go for the hybrid type mattress.

More Support

The greatest complaint about memory foam mattress is that it gives very little support. Some say that even though they like the softness of the memory foam, the sinking experience greatly annoys them. In a hybrid mattress, the inner spring mattresses provide the required firmness and support to the bed. This will avoid the ‘quicksand experience’ of the memory foam mattresses.

Better Airflow

The hybrid mattresses allow greater air flow because of the individually pocketed springs that make up the core of the mattress. The advantage of this is that the bed will be much cooler compared to other types available in the market. Hence, these beds provide a cooler sleep for those who live in hot climatic zones. Hybrid mattresses are therefore very useful in India, which has one of the hottest summers in the world.

Health Benefits

As the memory foams give a soft surface, and innerspring provides a firm core, hybrid mattresses are very versatile. These properties are highly beneficial for patients suffering from body pain. The memory foam ensures that even pressure is applied against the body of the sleeper, irrespective of the sleeping position of the person. Thus pressure point pains and soft tissue damages can be avoided. For those with back pain, the firmness of innerspring which gives a neutral positioning to the spine and the cushioning effect of the memory foam guarantees a painless night.

What Are the Cons of Using a Hybrid Type Mattress?

There are a few disadvantages for hybrid mattresses. They are listed below:

Problem of Off-Gassing

Some type of memory foams are found to emit harmful gasses such as Benzene. It is argued that Benzene is a carcinogen.  There are studies which point in that direction too. As hybrid beds mostly use the memory foam as the outer layer of the bed, this problem concerns those who use these beds. Many experts in the field are of the opinion that this outgassing only for only a short period when the foams are comparatively new. They believe that this will not affect the health of the sleeper.


The cost of hybrid mattresses in India is a little higher compared to other types of mattresses. Though low-end hybrid mattresses are available around Rs 10,000, a decent mattress can cost well above Rs 25,000. This makes the mattress less affordable for those who don’t get a fat paycheck every month.


Though the hybrid mattresses are not the heaviest among the mattresses, they cannot be classified as light mattresses. The inner spring core contributes heavily to the weight of the mattress. This heaviness of the hybrid mattress makes it difficult to move and hence are not portable. Sometimes, dusting is also a problem for this type of mattresses

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?: A Guide

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying problems one can experience in their lives. Not because it is deadly, but because of how difficult it is to eradicate. They are difficult to contain, they wreak havoc on our sleep and they multiply like crazy. Here’s all you need to know on how to get rid of bed bugs. 

First, let’s start with the basics. 

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are little, wingless insects that love feasting on human blood. They are called such since they are most commonly found in beds. These little guys are everywhere. They were even found in ancient Egyptian tombs from 3500 years ago. Scientifically called Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus, they can grow up to 0.25 inches long as full grown adults. 

bed bug

Signs You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often small, quick and not noticeable by humans. This is partly because they love the dark so come out to feed between midnight and 5 AM. But never fear, even the stealthiest of all ninjas leave behind some signs. Here are the main signs you have bed bugs:

  1. Bites – One of the biggest signs you have bed bugs is the red bed bug bites they leave on your body after feeding. They usually feed on humans from 3-10 minutes till they are bloated and then go back to their nesting space. These bites, though occur painlessly, turn red and itchy. 
  2. Dark, rusty spots – Bed bug leave behind another clue in the form of excrement. These droppings are dark and rusty spots and can be found on the mattress, curtains, sofas, and carpets. 
  3. Bed bugs shells – Though they are small, you can find their exoskeletons if you know what you are looking for
  4. Blood stains – You can also find some blood stains on your sheets or on your pillows 
  5. Bed Bugs – You can find bed bugs themselves if you know where to look. You need to look for bed bugs in creases, near the headboard, folded areas and in the nearby furniture. 

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs gain access to your home through a carrier. It can either be a human or an animal carrier. So if you wake up one day with a bed bug problem in your home, it could be because of you or your pet. It required a person or an animal to go from an infested area to inside your home. This can happen through travel or through close-knit living. 


Bed bugs are creatures with a little wanderlust in their DNA. They love to travel, often hitchhiking in backpacks, clothing, and suitcases. If you have traveled somewhere, even a fancy hotel, you might have brought bed bugs to your home. 


Often, apartment complexes get a bedbug problem if one apartment gets them. These bed bugs can travel from room to room and infest multiple houses easily. 

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs aren’t deadly. Their bites carry no diseases nor are they aren’t venomous. But you still need to get rid of them the first chance you get. These bugs multiply rapidly. The females are able to lay hundreds of eggs smaller than a speck of dust. They can transfer from your bed to your clothes, to your carpets and so on. No place is safe when it comes to bed bugs. The best thing to do when you have an infestation is to get rid of it. 

Hire an Expert

You may not be able to take on these creatures alone. As mentioned before, they are an infestation that is hard to contain. If you have cleared out the bed, it doesn’t mean the war is over. Once these bugs enter your home, they hop from room to room seeking refuge in cracks and crevices. You may not be able to control bed bugs and you may need to call in a professional to eradicate these creatures chemically. Pest management companies are often your best bet with a bed bug infestation.

Hot Water for Your Bedding

You may need to clean your bedding, linens, clothes and all the infected areas in hot water. This includes steaming out your mattress. You may also want to crank the dryer setting to high heat. While they may not be good for your bedding, it is the only way to kill these bugs. 

Vacuum Your Bed

You will need to use a vacuum cleaner on your mattress. It is generally a good idea to frequently vacuum your bed to prevent dust accumulation. However, in situations when you have bed bugs, you will have to discard your bag outdoors. Ensure there is no way these bugs will hop back home by placing the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic bag. 

Insecticide Sprays

Bed bugs are usually found in mattresses and box springs. These hard to reach places can make it difficult to get rid of bed bugs completely. While vacuuming may help in killing bed bugs, their eggs may be unaffected. To combat this issue, using a bed bug spray can help. However, it is not safe to use insecticide sprays into your mattress as the fumes may harm you while you sleep. It is best to leave it up to a professional. You may also consider completely getting rid of your infected mattress. 


With bed bugs, prevention is better than cure. You can take preemptive measures, especially when you come back from vacation. Here are some ways you can prevent a bed bug infestation in your home. 

  • Vacuum regularly. If you have returned from vacation, vacuum your suitcase. 
  • Avoid clutter. While clutter itself doesn’t create a bed bug problem, it serves as great hiding spots for when it happens. 
  • Choose mattresses that do not provide a habitable environment for bed bugs. Latex mattresses, for example, are effective against bed bug infestation. 
  • Spend time inspecting the hotel room you are staying in. 
  • Keep your power outlets closed. These bugs can travel through these electrical outlets in and out of your home. 
  • Check your pets regularly. It is easy for these bugs to hide in your pet’s fur. Once they have access to your home, the infestation can happen quickly. 
  • Check used items before bringing it home. A lot of people fail to check any used items you bring home. Anything from an armchair to a bedside table must be thoroughly checked before you bring it home. 

It is important to note that these bugs can go 70 days without feeding so once you spot a bed bug, call an exterminator. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

While there are many herbal sprays available, it is best to leave it to the expert pest controller. Professionals usually charge according to the number of rooms. In India, exterminators usually charge around Rs.1000/room for bed bug treatment. However, it is best to get a quote directly from the service provider. Each service provider will take different factors into consideration – the area of the room, the number of furniture, the amount of product they should use and so on. 

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Futon Mattress: A Japanese Space Saving Bed

Some people when they hear the term futon mattress, real back to their college dormitories. The hard and foldable bed which can be converted to a couch is the first image that appears in their mind. This image of a dorm room bed has affected the popularity of futon mattresses, but they are indeed very useful and versatile.

Gray colored folding mattress

When Was It First Introduced?

Japanese people have been using futon mattresses for centuries. Shikibuton, as they are called in their language, can be folded and stored away in the closet facilitating the use of bedroom for other purposes during day time.The versatility of the futon bed captured the world attention after the Second world war. The Americans began using them around the 1980s and it revolutionized the mattresses in India almost a decade later.

Are Futon Mattresses Hard?

Modern Futon mattresses are not as hard as the ones that you used in the college dorms. Still, they are much firmer than other types. The Japanese believe that their traditional firm mattresses help to align the joints in the right position and hence preventing overstretching and thus joint pains.

If this is not what you had in mind, go back to our types of mattresses page.

When Are They Best Used?

Futon mattresses are best when you are concerned about the space in your small apartment. When you cannot afford to waste the space for a bed and a couch, you can opt for futon mattresses which serves the purpose of both.You can also use it as a guest mattress as it can be rolled up and can be stored in the closet.

What Are Futon Mattresses Made Up Of?

A folding mattress folded and placed on floor

Futon mattresses are traditionally made up of cotton, horse hair or rice straw and hence it is 100% natural. But nowadays they are going through many changes and are available stuffed with memory foam or padded spring coils.But even though they are not as soft as other types, it is better to prefer the traditional cotton stuffed one if you want to enjoy the advantages that the Japanese envisioned while designing their mattress.

What Are the Different Types of Futon Mattress Frames Available?

Frames for futon mattresses are available mainly in two types in India. They are 

Wooden Frame

The classy looking wooden frames give a plush look to the room. Also, the hardwood frames are long lasting. Take care to choose frames with closer slats as there is a chance for the mattress to sag if the space is too large.

Metal Frame

If you don’t want to spend much money on the frames, you can go for metallic ones. They are sturdy and offer a more contemporary look.

Where to Buy Futon Mattresses in India?

Though it is not as common as other types, futon mattresses are available in India. There are online stores which makes them available at the doorstep within a few days. If you not a fan of online shopping, you can find it in IKEA or some branded furniture shops in your area.

How Much Does It Cost?

Futon Mattresses are much affordable compared to other types. These types of mattresses are available in India from Rs 4000 onwards. But an average cost is around Rs 15,000 for decent quality Futons.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Futon Mattress?

There are multiple benefits for using a futon mattress. They are

1. Affordable

Unlike some mattresses which makes your wallet light, futon mattresses are less costly. They are available in a variety of price range but all of them are comparatively less expensive.

2. Saves Space

The greatest advantage which makes futon mattress favorite among those who live in very small space is that it can be rolled up and stored in some convenient place. Futons when converted to the couch only takes up less space than a conventional one and can easily be converted back to a comfortable bed. Because of the space-saving, they can be used in studio apartments, dormitoriesandother confined spaces. It is also suitable to be used as guest beds.

3. Versatility

The most appealing factor of futons is that they are convertible from a bed to a couch. This is a very useful property for many, who do not want to spend extra money on a couch and cannot afford to waste the space required for it. For studio apartments, and home offices this is a real space saver. As beds are only required at night, it is converted to a couch and can be used during day time. 

4. Flexibility

Futon mattresses are very flexible. This makes it easier to move it around from room to room and is easier to dust and aerate the mattress. It can also be rolled and taken away if you are on the move. Though it is not as suitable for camping as air beds, it surely can substitute for it if necessary. The flexibility also makes it easier to store it in the closet or any convenient space available in your small living space.

5. Health Benefits

Japanese believed that sleeping on the Shikibuton is good for your health. The traditional mattresses made of horsehair or rice straw were much firmer than the cotton stuffed one that is available in the market today. But still, those who use them are all praises for the pain relieving properties of the futon mattress. 

6. No Bed Bugs

As the futon mattresses can easily be hanged out in the sun, it is less susceptible to bed bug and dust mite attacks. The drying, dustingandaeration of the bed makes it much fresh and avoids dust accumulation which is a big problem for most type of mattresses.

7. Less weight

They are of much less weight compared to other types of mattresses. You can move it in and out of your room without muscle cramps. This is a great advantage as it facilitates easy portability and ease of hanging in the sun.

What Are the Problems of Using a Futon Mattress?

1. Less Comfort

The main complaint the users raise about futon mattresses is that they are not very comfortable. The firmness of the bed is difficult to cope with for some who are used to sleeping in very soft mattresses. Before, futon mattresses were thin and did not provide much padding from the wooden frame that supports it. This and the flimsiness of the mattress added to the discomfort. But modern futon mattresses are much thicker.

2. They Require More Caring

Futon mattresses require to be aired and hanged in the sun intermittently. The traditional Japanese discipline is required for this constant caring. This can be quite daunting for those who have a hectic work schedule or if you are lazy to do such stuff.

3. Needs restuffing

Though the futon mattresses are known for their durability it has to be some times refilled with cotton. If it is not restuffed, it can cause sagging in a few years. This will affect the comfort level of the mattress. Some also complain that pure cotton is not easily available in the market is much expensive. Also the restuffing is not an easy task and many times you have to depend on someone skilled in the job to do it for you. 

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Folding Mattress: Merits and Demerits

Folding mattress: Mattress technology has developed into unforeseen areas in the recent past. From simple soft padding, made of horsehair, cotton, feather and so on, to make the hard surface suitable for sleeping, mattresses have become very advanced. The mattresses available in the market today can be temperature adjusted, height adjusted and even the softness of the mattress is customizable according to the requirement of the sleeper.

People now use different kinds of mattresses for different purposes. There will be a mattress for regular use, one for camping, another for guests and so forth. Many do not consider the amount they spend on mattresses as a waste of money. Maybe this is because people know that if they don’t sleep well, they don’t wake up well which affects their whole waking hours.

It is with the aim of fulfilling these varying needs that mattress makers today are developing mattresses. A folding mattress is such a one with multiple purposes.

What Is a Folding Mattress?

Folding mattresses, as the name indicates, is a bed that can be folded and taken wherever you want. It refers to a wide range of mattresses which are portable. As the category is broad, it is difficult to pinpoint the different features of a folding mattress. But generally, they can be defined as the mattresses which are portable. 

When Are They Best Used?

Folding mattresses are easily portable. This makes them suitable for those who move around a lot. They can be taken for camping and hiking trips. They provide better comfort than air mattresses during these adventurous journeys.

Many people use folding beds as their guest mattresses. This is because they provide an option to keep it hidden away in some place. As guests do not turn up very frequently, they are reluctant to waste so much space for a permanent bed.

Some people buy a foldable mattress for their regular use. Mostly it is because they live in a confined space where they cannot afford to keep a permanent bed. The space saving property of the folding mattress is very useful for these people too.

Folding mattress

Are Foldable Mattresses Available in All Sizes?

A folding mattress is normally available in standard mattress size, including twin, full, queen and king. Some different varieties are also available in market like the extra-long version of full or twin beds. They have a standard width but will have 4 extra inches of length such as a queen. King size is five inches wider and six inches shorter than queen size.

Almost all these sizes are available in India. But you may have to visit a big store to make sure that you get the mattress size that you are looking for.

Where Can I Get a Folding Mattress in India?

Foldable mattresses are easily available in India. They are found in almost all local stores. You can find the different sizes in IKEA, Walmart and so on. The mattresses are also available in online stores.

What Is the Cost of a Folding Mattress in India?

Folding mattresses are usually considered affordable as they are not so costly. You can get them for Rs 3000 onwards in India. Decent mattresses can cost more. But they are not as costly as many other types available in the market today.   

What Are the Advantages of a Folding Mattress?

The benefits of a folding mattress are listed below

Easily Portable

This is the major advantage of a foldable mattress. They are specially designed to make them easy to carry around. Hence people take it for camping and hiking purposes. They are very light which makes carrying it much easier.

If you are willing to take it with you, they will save you the trouble of having to sleep on a saggy couch. They are also much comfortable than normal futon mattresses

Easy Storage

As foldable mattresses are actually foldable, they can be stored away in the closet or any other place where it won’t disturb you. It does not need much space for storage. Most of these type of mattresses are tri-fold and can easily slide into small spaces where it can be stored easily.

This makes it the best choice for a guest bed if you don’t have space to spare for an extra mattress. This feature makes it a very popular type among those living in confined spaces.


A very unique feature of folding mattress is that it can be used for other purposes. There are some models which can be folded to form a sitting platform. Some people use it as a footrest or even as pillows in some cases.  Folding mattresses can also be kept in the sitting room to be used as a couch. Many people prefer folding beds because of this versatility.

Suitable for Children

Children find mattresses a great place to play. They enjoy rolling around and wrestling in their beds. Folding mattresses are suitable for this kind of use also as they can act as playing mats. They protect children from the injuries caused by hitting the ground.

Another advantage is that most of the foldable mattresses have removable covers. If you feel like it has become very dirty, you can remove the cover and wash it. Most of the covers can be washed in a machine too.

Foldable mattresses can also be used by children for sleepovers. It is much comfortable than sleeping bags and as they are weightless, children can easily carry it around.


Though they are not the cheapest mattress in the market, folding mattresses are not very costly. The price range depends on the brand of the manufacturer but decent folding mattresses are available at a reasonable amount.

If you are someone who feels like spending a huge sum on a mattress is foolish, you can opt for folding mattresses which gives almost the same benefits as other high-end mattresses.

What Are the Demerits of a Foldable Mattress?

The disadvantages of using a foldable mattress are:

Not much comfortable

Foldable mattresses are not as comfortable as memory foam or gel-infused foam mattress. Many people with sleeping problems find them affecting the quality of their sleep. Hospitals and old age care homes do not prefer these types of mattresses because of this reason.

If you prefer comfort over everything else from your mattress, a foldable mattress is not for you.

Motion Transfer

If you have a restless sleeping partner, you may have experienced the discomfort of motion transfer. Many new generation mattresses have the property of absorbing these energy and thus preventing the waves from reaching you. This is not the case in folding mattresses. If you are a light sleeper and have a restless partner by your side, you are in for a sleepless night. This makes them not so popular among those with sleeping problems.

Pressure Points

As the responsiveness of the foldable mattresses is pretty low, they do not distribute weight evenly. This can cause pressure point pains. Those who sleep on their side are the ones who are most affected by this. Foldable mattresses may cause hip and shoulder pains for them.

Because of this problem of the mattress, medical practitioners do not recommend it for those with joint and muscle pains.