Tencel vs Cotton Bedsheets: Which Is Better?

There are many types of bed sheets available on the markets but most often the bedsheets that we use to cover our bed are made of either Tencel or Cotton. 

This article focuses on Tencel vs Cotton bed sheets, their features, pros and cons to help you better understand these fabrics so that you can choose the right material for your bedsheet.

What are Tencel sheets?

Tencel sheets are comfortable and are super soft like silk. The Tencel fabric material is extracted from the wood cellulose of the eucalyptus tree. Tencel sheets are one of the ideal options for hot sleepers. Tencel fabric is smooth in nature and has a super absorbent capacity that helps sleepers feel comfortable in warm weather as well. 

So, what is Tencel made of? 

Tencel fibers are manufactured using all the solvents that are environment-friendly and can be reused in the production process. The process involves dissolving wood pulp with the solvent and once it’s done the threads are produced by squeezing pulp through small holes. Later on, the threads are dried with the process of spinning and 99% of the solvent which is used probably gets recycled. 

Types of Tencel Bedsheets

There are three types of Tencel fabric and each has particular features that set it apart. The following types below will help you to understand what does Tencel feels like.

Tencel lyocell:

Tencel lyocell fabrics are made of light-absorbing material that doesn’t hold water or sweat like the other fabrics. It is a soft, durable material that is produced from sustainable woods and a solvent that can be reused. The fabric is hypoallergenic and has 50% more absorbent capacity than cotton.

Tencel modal:

Tencel modal is primarily known for its softness just like silk material and the Tencel material is extracted from the bench wood. It may offer a soft texture but does not offer the same level of breathability as Tencel lyocell which means it is probably not the right choice for those who sweat at night. 

Tencel blend:

Fabrics made with the amalgamation of Tencel lyocell and Tencel modal are moisture-wicking, super soft, and durable for a longer time. Blends of cotton and Tencel are the most popular and are best known for their temperature regulation and durability.

Pros and Cons of Tencel Bedsheets


  • It is moisture-wicking & long-lasting (durable).
  • The material is soft and does not lead to any kind of allergy. 
  • Tencel sheets are wrinkle-resistant.
  • The fiber is strong, durable, and experiences a slight to no shrink after washing. 
  • Tencel sheets are suitable for hot sleepers.
  • Tencel sheets are sustainable and hypoallergenic.


  • Not many people like that silky feeling.
  • Costlier than cotton or polyester sheets.
  • It cannot withstand high temperatures during laundry.

What Are Cotton Sheets?

One of the most traditional and common materials that are used in sheets today is cotton. The extraction of material is from the cotton plant. The quality of cotton sheets varies between weaves. Thus, cotton sheets are moisture-wicking, soft, durable, and easy to wash. 

Comparing Tencel vs cotton sheets, Tencel sheets are more expensive than cotton sheets. Whereas, the price of cotton sheets is determined by the material used in them. Egyptian cotton has extra-long material so generally, the sheets made of this material are higher in price. 

However, cotton is usually the most durable cotton sheet in the market. There are also regular cotton bed sheets that are not pure in material but are budget-friendly.

Types of Cotton Bedsheets

The two essential factors that help in differentiating between cotton sheets are the material used and the way it is weaved. Sometimes sheets with the same material may give you a different feel depending on their weaves. Here are the four main weaves that are used in cotton sheets.


The weave pattern has a basic one thread over the other that gives a crisp, breathable, and lost-lasting fabric that gets softer even after washing. With the ideal feature of temperature regulation, cotton percale is often the right choice for those who sleep hot. However, there is one drawback as percale tends to wrinkle so if you want a smooth look, you need to iron it when needed. 


Sateen pattern has one thread under three or four threads that lead to silky drapey fabric and give a soft luster surface. In comparison to percale, the sheets are wrinkle-resistant so you don’t need to iron them but they are prone to form small balls of fluff on their surface.


Twill pattern is diagonal ribbing just like denim which gives twill sheets a rough look but the advantage is that they are quite durable. 


This pattern makes sleepers think that bedsheets of cotton jerseys feel like a well-worn t-shirt. 

Pros and Cons of Cotton Bedsheets

The material used in cotton sheets plays a crucial role in making you feel comfortable enough and sleep without any irritation. Since the competition in the bedding market has grown, it is tricky to choose products from a trustworthy source.


  • Cotton sheets feel softer after every wash.
  • Available in the market with variations in price, quality, and material used.
  • Easy maintenance as sheets can be washed in machines.
  • Gives a crisp and cool feeling, the material does not trap body heat.


  • Inorganic ways to produce cotton leads to poor quality of sheets.
  • Poor quality of cotton can make you feel scratchy.
  • It is prone to wrinkling.
  • Expensive than polyester.
  • After every wash, cotton shrinks.

What Is the Difference Between Tencel and Cotton?

CategoryTencel SheetsCotton Sheets
VarietyTencel comes in silkiest thread patterns.Cotton is available in both silky and non-silky varieties.
DurabilityMore durable compared to cotton bedsheets.The durability depends on the quality of fiber. Long-staple cotton is more durable.
Comfort & FeelIt gives a silky smooth & luxurious feel and is a perfect option for hot sleepers.Cotton is soft and allows air to pass through it with ease which means that it has the ability to control moisture.
Temperature Tencel is highly absorptive and breathable. So it is great in temperature regulation.Cotton is breathable and quick-drying but the weave of the fabrics affects its breathability and feel. In all cotton weaves, percale is usually the best in temperature regulation for cotton sheets.
Maintenance & careHigh maintenance, requires hand washing.cotton is easy to maintain as it can be washed in machines without any fear of damage.
PriceExpensiveWide range of prices available from lower to higher-end options.
Environmental ImpactTencel creates less impact on the environment due to sustainable sources (eucalyptus trees) that can be reused again in further production. Cotton sheets are not environment-friendly but some organic cotton sheets can be considered environment-friendly.
AestheticsHigh absorbency level makes Tencel cooler & smoother. More vibrant and less chance of getting faded over time.It gives a neat and matte look than Tencel but is not excessively prone to wrinkling.

Is Tencel Better than Cotton?

When it comes to choosing between Tencel vs Cotton sheets, your comfort is of utmost importance. Your choice of fabric must depend on your personal preference that includes laundering, the warmth provided by the fabric, price differentiation, and more. 

You Should Choose Tencel if:

  • You struggle with sweat while sleeping.
  • You want a luxurious feel. 
  • You are a hot sleeper.
  • You belong to a place with extremely hot conditions.
  • You want your sheet to give a soft look and not wrinkle easily. 

You Should Choose Cotton if:

  • You want a warm feeling throughout the night.
  • You want your sheet to soften after every wash and is easy to maintain.
  • Wrinkles do not affect your choice. 
  • You want an option that is easy to afford. 
  • You are looking for an option that is durable for a longer time.


When it’s Tencel vs Cotton sheets, making a choice based on their specifications is challenging. The choice between Tencel vs Cotton sheets should be made based on their conditions and requirements.

If you sweat a lot while sleeping, you should simply prefer Tencel sheets for its exceptional way of regulating temperature. Whereas, if you need sheets that dries quickly with exceptional absorbent capacity and tend to be breathable then you can prefer cotton sheets. 

Between Tencel vs Cotton sheets, it becomes confusing to choose one as both are long-lasting and provide extreme levels of comfort. However, understanding your wants and needs can help you make the right buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Tencel has excellent breathing ability and has moisture-wicking properties(better than cotton) and one can use this material for a restful sleep.

Yes, it is an excellent solution because its cool fibers help with temperature regulation that make you less likely to wake up with uncomfortable night sweats.

Between Cotton vs Tencel, Tencel has strong fibers as compared to cotton and it doesn’t shrink even after every wash.

This fabric cannot tolerate high temperatures. Steaming is the best option to remove wrinkles and maintain the safest finishing. 

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