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One size does not always fit all when it comes to mattresses. Whereas a king may be preferable for couples sharing a bed, a queen could fit into compact rooms. There are a variety of reasons why you would prefer a queen mattress sizes over a king mattress sizes, ranging from your height to your budget.

You’ll like to make an accurate selection if you’re prepared to get rid of your old mattress and exchange it with one appropriate for a queen or king. Continue reading to discover the fundamental distinctions between a king and a queen bed. And understand the difference between a king size vs queen size bed.

King Vs Queen Size Bed Dimensions

The size difference between a queen bed and a king bed is the primary factor that distinguishes the two alternatives. The total area of an average king mattress is 6,080 square inches and is 76 inches broad by 80 inches long. Queen mattresses’ dimensions are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and have a surface area of 4,800 square inches.

Because all sizes are almost the same length, the only difference between a queen and a king bed is the width of your mattress. A king mattress dimension is 16 inches wider than a queen mattress, which is ideal for people who like a little extra room. A queen bed is perfect for smaller spaces due to its narrower width.

King Vs Queen Size Bed Comparison

Choosing between a king and a queen bed can be difficult, particularly if you’ve had a master bedroom. The breadth differential between a queen and a king mattress is 16 inches. The queen and king beds are each 80 inches long.

If you have a large amount of area to work with, a king mattress would be ideal. Do you have a small bedroom? Consider a  king-size mattress whenever you want to save money. There seems to be a lot to consider, although we’re almost certain to simplify things for you.

The quick summary compares king beds and queen beds in an easy-to-understand manner. Continue reading for a more detailed look at these two common mattress sizes.

FeatureQueen Size Mattress King Size Mattress
Length 80"80"
Width 60" 76"
Height 10 - 14"10 - 14"
Weight40 lbs - 76 lbs61 lbs - 96 lbs
Room Size RecommendationAt least 10 × 10 feetAt least 10 × 12 feet
Popularity40% of customers choose Queen size.41% of customers choose King size
AdvantageSpacious enough for couples without crowding the bedroom. Big enough for the kids and pets to jump on the bed exquisitely spacious.
DisadvantageMight be too small for a growing family. Doesn't suit smaller bedrooms.

King Vs Queen Size Bed: Pros And Cons

Queen Size

1. Dimensions & Area

Throughout all honestly, I’m not a great admirer of the queen’s bedroom quarters compared to the king’s. With measurements of 60″ x 80″, the breadth is just a touch too thin for my liking. If you enjoy cuddling, you’ll discover that the queen-sized bed is ideal for you, along with its small dimensions.

However, only because I don’t like the sleeping area doesn’t imply it simply does not work for you. For starters, it’s the perfect size for guest rooms or tiny master suites. Its compact design saves space, allowing for more furniture and walking area.

2. Price

The cost of a Queen bed is less than that of a King bed. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, a queen is the place to go. You’ll also discover that components are simpler to get by and less expensive if you seek Queen bed setups at a store or on the internet. You’ll find a far more extensive selection at a lesser price than what you would for a King.

3. Movement Ease is a term used to describe how easy it is to move about

The Queen beds would be weightless and be simple to move around because they are lighter. For individuals who want to redecorate regularly, this is an excellent alternative. If you’ve had a Queen bed, you should be able to move this one around yourself. 

Unless you already have a health condition that prohibits you from doing just that, including osteoarthritis or back difficulties. It will be harder to transport about on a king bed.

King Size

1. Dimensions and Area

The king-size bed is my favorite size since it allows me to sleep inside my area. My spouse is a bed hog; therefore, I can scooch across and somehow still sleep well when he wanders into my lane. It measures 76″ x 80″, the same length as a queen, although with 16 additional inches of sleeping space. Making it perfect for couples who choose to snuggle or sleep apart.

It does take up quite a bit more area in the bedroom whenever it comes to information. It doesn’t work in small spaces, particularly those narrower than what they are long. The fantastic thing about them, though, is that they brilliantly balance out more enormous master bedrooms.

2. Price

However, a king bed will set you back a few hundred dollars further than a Queen bed, depending on the mattress manufacturer. The cost of accessories will also be more than it would be for the queen. The apparent answer is that there will be additional material, and therefore everything for the bed will be more significant.

3. Movement Ease is a term used to describe how easy it is to move about

Trust me when I say that moving a King bed is a pain. When comparing a king with a queen-size bed, the king is more difficult to transfer. It’s bigger, bulkier, and has more stuff, and it’s simply too much for one little individual to handle. 

This is a two-person work. Like me, you don’t redesign your room regularly; that was one of the benefits of the King. That may work for you because you won’t have to move it about as often.

Bed Size TypeProsCons
KingThere is plenty of room to sleep.More expensive
Larger spaces are balanced out.It's more challenging to squeeze into compact spaces.
- Moving is Harder
QueenBedroom with more spaceSleeping quarters are smaller.
Cost-effective.Larger rooms' perspective is thrown off.
It's a lot easier to go about. -
You're getting closer to your partner. -

Things To Consider Before Deciding The King Or Queen Bed

Do you intend to purchase a new mattress set? If that’s the case, are you having problems selecting whether a king or queen bed would be better?

Whereas the difference between the two may not appear significant, there are some critical considerations to consider. Considering that the typical person spends one-third of their lives in bed, that’s a considerable investment. Continue reading to learn more about what size might be ideal for you.

1. Personal Appeal:

Whenever buying, think about your situation and your tastes. These are questions that only you can answer. Because you and your spouse are both tall, or if you prefer to stretch out at night, the king-size mattress is likely to be more relaxing. On the other hand, if you feel suffocated by the more fabulous room, you should go for the queen to save a few bucks.

2. Cost

Queen size mattresses are substantially less expensive than those in the king size. These savings may be utilized on accessories such as bed frames, linens, and comforters, as well as suitable pillows. Consumers should always give extra points to the queen over the king when the expense is a significant consideration.

Whenever it concerns mattress size, there is no right or wrong choice. Personal choice, sleeping style, room space, and money are all factors to consider.

3. Other Customized Sizes

A king-size bed is appropriate for master bedrooms that are 10 × 14 feet or larger. It would be great for couples or small fat families with a baby to sleep peacefully because it will provide enough personal space.

A queen-size bed is more diminutive and efficient management of the area. It’s best suited to bedrooms at most minuscule 10 × 12 feet in size. It’ll be ideal for couples who require a reasonable range of momentum while sleeping. It’s also suitable for individuals who would like to sleep alone in a massive room with plenty of space.


Either king or queen beds are excellent choices, but a queen bed might be a better choice if you have a tiny bedroom. You must consider factors like introducing furniture to your bedroom, including nightstands. Your resting space should give enough contact area for you all to sleep peacefully while also allowing you to wander about freely.


If you’re on a budget or have a small bedroom, the Queen is the best option throughout all truthfulness. It appears to have become the most popular bed size in today’s homes. Unless you don’t mind messing up the look of your bedroom with a smaller bed.

 I’d recommend going with the Queen; these will save you a lot of money over the long term. The King is fantastic for providing the most sleeping area. However, it’s a pain to move about, and it’s more expensive. Then it consumes a lot of space available.

Partners won’t be disappointed with a queen bed or a king bed. However, couples sharing their bed with a pet or a child would likely choose a king. Whenever sharing a bed, more significant, heavier persons may require more space and choose a king size.

Single sleepers who value their personal space should go for a queen-size mattress. They’re likewise suitable for partners, as provided as no one is taller than 6 feet 5 inches. It is now the most common mattress size. A queen-size mattress requires a space at a minimum of 10 × 11 feet.

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