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Mattress purchasing might be a little too difficult for the average person. You must consider several critical elements to guarantee that you get the finest mattress for you since a terrible mattress will result in poor sleep, a tired body, and a loss of productivity and effectiveness in your daily life.

While fundamental physical features such as fabric, texture, and construction are vital, one more factor should be considered when selecting a mattress: size and measurements. A properly sized mattress guarantees that you get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about running out of room in your bed. When you combine the right height with the right mattress, you get a mattress that delivers the most exemplary support and comfort.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” mattress when it comes to mattresses. With so many bed sizes options and minor variances in measurements across mattresses, it’s easy to become perplexed while deciding which is the best fit for you.

Purchasing a mattress, however, does not have to be complicated. To make mattress shopping more accessible and more smooth, you need to have a fundamental understanding of mattress sizes and measurements. This mattress size guide will offer you all of the necessary information regarding mattress sizes to assist you in selecting your new mattress.

Standard Bed Sizes Chart

Bed sizes available in India are:

Bed TypeBed Dimensions (in inches)
Single or Twin Bed 36" × 75"
Double Bed 54" × 75"
Queen Size 60" × 78"
King Size 72" × 85"

Standard Mattress Sizes in India

We are well aware of the significance of a good night’s sleep for us. The beds we sleep on have a significant impact on our sleep. People may understand that a decent mattress is crucial for excellent sleep, and it does so much more! A decent mattress relieves tension and worry, helps our bodies and minds, and improves the entire quality of our lives.

Mattress buying, on the other hand, might be perplexing. When it comes to mattresses, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” As a result of the differences in sizes, dimensions, fashions, and foundation materials, individuals become perplexed when shopping for a mattress. To make things easier for you, we’ve covered all of the critical information you’ll need to know while choosing the finest mattress in India. Let’s look at the various basic mattress sizes available in India.

Bed TypeBed Dimensions (in inches)
Crib Size Mattress 39" × 75"
Single Size Mattress 72" × 36"
Double Size Mattress 72" × 42"
Queen Size Mattress 72" × 60"
King Size Mattress 72" × 72"

Single Size Mattress Dimensions

Single bed mattresses are 90cm x 190cm (3’x 6’3) in size. This mattress size is ideal for toddlers or teens since it provides ample room for single sleepers. Bunk bed mattresses commonly come in single bed sizes. With dimensions of 90cm x 200cm, the somewhat longer single mattress size is ideal for larger children or teens. As it provides an additional 10cm of space for taller sleepers to spread out.

Double or Full-Size Mattress Dimensions

The dimensions of a double bed are 54 inches wide by 75 inches long, which is more like a full mattress.

Manufacturers of double mattresses began standard mattress sizes, and there were only two sizes available at the time: single and double. The term “double” implies that the bed is twice the size of a single bed. That, however, is not the case. Even though double and single mattresses are 75 inches long, double bed sizes are only approximately a foot wider than single beds.

A full-size mattress, measuring 54″x75″ (1.37mx1.91m), is an excellent choice for singles sleeping alone for the first time and wanting a larger mattress than a twin. Combination sleepers may benefit from the extra room provided by full mattresses as they shift positions during the night. Guest rooms might also benefit from a full-size bed.

As previously stated, the full-size mattress proportions make it an excellent alternative for singles who wish to stretch out luxuriously while sleeping. Teenagers will like them as well. As children become older, they require more excellent room in their beds. A full mattress is a remarkable improvement from a twin or twin XL mattress, which most children utilize while young. As previously said, large mattresses are a good choice for guest bedrooms since they free up space for other objects such as a home office or workout equipment.

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

A queen-size mattress is popular among couples who don’t require a lot of space, as well as lone adults who like more room to stretch out when sleeping. The standard queen size is intended for couples, so it’s a nice bed for the master bedroom or guest room, and it can easily accommodate extra sleepers in the house for a few nights. That is the most popular regular mattress size, which fits into practically any room and can sleep more than one person.

A split queen mattress is also available for the queen-size mattress. The queen size is divided into two halves in this style to accommodate couples with different mattress preferences, allowing them to share the bed while still having their mattress.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

Sleeping in a king-size bed is a luxurious experience. There is enough space for two people to stretch out and sleep separately. Its breadth is 4 inches wider than the King, but its length is 4 inches shorter. The king mattress is the most significant regular size offered, making it a fantastic choice for families. If parents wish to share a bed with their children, this size may accommodate them.

A split option is available for the king-size, consisting of two Twin XL mattresses laid side by side. Couples with varied mattress preferences can choose the split king option, which allows them to have two different mattresses in one bed to meet their specific demands. This design works well with adjustable beds that have the split-side capability.

How To Choose A Mattress Size?

The first thing to consider when comparing mattress sizes is their length and width. Keep in mind that the height/thickness varies by manufacturer and model. Therefore there is no standard thickness for any mattress size. Each size’s width and length dimensions are standardized and stated in the table below.

Mattress SizeDimensions (Width × Length)
California King 72" × 84"
King 76" × 80"
Queen 60" × 80"
Full 54" × 75"
Twin XL 38" × 80"
Twin 38" × 75"

The charts in the mattress size guide above show the fundamental distinctions between mattress sizes. However, there are several considerations to consider before making your decision:

  1. Partner for Sleeping: To whom do you share a bed? That is the essential factor to bear in mind. Couples will almost certainly want a queen, while families sharing a bed with children will almost certainly want a king. Even dogs are taken into account; if you let your pets sleep at the foot of your bed, having a bed with plenty of legroom will increase your comfort significantly.

  2. Height and Sleeping Position: What is your and your partner’s height? Those under 6 feet tall should be OK with any mattress, while those above 6 feet tall should look for a bed with at least 80 inches in length (twin XL, queen, king, and California king). Your sleeping position also influences this; back and stomach sleepers are fully stretched and require more legroom than side sleepers.

  3. Dimensions of a Bedroom: What room will your new mattress be placed in, and how big is that room? We recommend allowing around 24 inches of room around each side of your bed to avoid feeling claustrophobic. To obtain a sense of how well your new bed would fit in your bedroom, measure out the approximate proportions before purchasing it.

  4. Adaptability: Because a new mattress is such a significant investment, you’ll want to be sure you pick an adjustable bed that will last a long time. That entails planning forward for your future bedding requirements. Are you looking for a bed for a tiny child? To future-proof the bed, consider going up a size. Are you purchasing your first bed as a single person? To accommodate future partners and pets, consider going up a size.

  5. Value & Price: Depending on the mattress size, a new, high-quality mattress can cost anywhere from INR4000 to more than INR50,000. While we don’t advocate scrimping on a new mattress to save money, the entire cost of a new bed is still an important consideration. It’s also a good idea to factor in the cost of accessories in addition to the initial investment. Sheets, blankets, and bed frames for more miniature standard sizes (primarily California king and twin XL) will be more expensive than accessories for more prevalent sizes.


Like all other major life decisions, carefully consider all the factors before purchasing a mattress. That’s because the mattress you choose will affect how you sleep for a long time, usually a decade. Apart from the usual considerations such as mattress type, comfort, and support, the mattress size and dimensions are also considered. To pick the optimal mattress size for yourself, you must strike a delicate balance between your room size, your budget, your body type, and your tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A king-size mattress or a queen-size mattress is ideal for a couple. A king Size Mattress has a width of 72 inches (1.8 m) and a length of 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m), making it ideal for two mature people or two adults with a kid. It is ideal for the couple’s master bedroom because of its enormous size.

Queen size mattresses have the width is 60 or 66 inches (1.52m or 1.68m), and the length is 72 to 75 inches (1.83m to 1.91m). Two full-grown persons can sleep comfortably in a queen-size bed. There is more living space in the bedroom because it is thinner than a king-sized bed.

To determine the size of your mattress, follow these steps:

  • Take out all of the bedding.
  • Make sure you have a measuring stick and some pep paper on hand.
  • Place the tape on one end and extend to the other to determine the breadth. Make sure the entire bed is covered.
  • Place the tape measure in the middle of the mattress and write down the dimensions.
  • If you could remove the mattress from the bed frame, measuring the height of the bed would be much easier.

King-sized mattresses are the largest mattress size available by standard manufacture, measuring 76″ X 80″. To guarantee a suitable fit, evaluate the room’s floor area before purchasing a king size bed.

The Alaskan king is nine feet by 9 feet, the largest mattress size. In context, a regular king-size bed is around 6 feet by 7 feet. And in terms of customization, it is done according to an individual’s preferences, and you can find plenty of alternatives for modification here.

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